NIOSH addresses aging workforce


From the NIOSH website…

Today, one in every five American workers is over 65, and in 2020, one in four American workers will be over 55, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although there is no consensus on the age at which workers are considered “older workers,” the aging workforce phenomenon is real. These demographic shifts have made the issue of healthier workers, especially those of advanced age, much more pressing. Aging is a relevant process experienced by all workers throughout their life. Vital to any workplace is the safety, health and well-being of workers, from their first day on the job to their last.

To address this issue, NIOSH has put together a resource on it’s website designed to help employers deal with their aging workers.

Check out their information, data, resources and tools. If you don’t need it now, you will soon.

The Cost of a Healthy Workforce (CDC Infographic)


Did you know that the costs of lost productivity because of chronic pain range from$11.6 to $12.8 billion annually? Or  that heart disease and stroke are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing our nation today. Treatment of these diseases accounts for about $1 of every $6 spent on U.S. health care?

Check out the CDC’s new website “The Cost of a Healthy Workforce” page for more info.