Overtime Work = More Pay

Current salary thresholds mean that companies can make a worker a salaried worker to avoid paying them overtime. Current salary thresholds now sits at $23,660.00. An employee who is salaried at that level of pay but who is working 50 or even 60 hours a week is often making less than minimum wage. That’s about to change. Watch the video below to see how you might be entitled to more pay or less work.


New OSHA Publication for Tree Care Workers


OSHA has just published a new document entitled “Tree Care Worker – Know the Hazards”. The document is available as a PDF on their website at https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3752.pdf

The document is in English and in Spanish and covers hazards such as electrocution, falls and being struck by objects. It is intended for supervisors as well as workers, outlining the rights and responsibilities of each.

Work Related Stress Online Seminar From OSHA EU

When was the last time one of your safety meetings talked about stress as it relates to your safety? While often ignored, stress in the workplace is actually one of the major contributors to accidents. Learning to successfully handle that stress can have a profound affect, not only on your emotional well-being but on your physical safety as well.

OSHA Europe has put together a comprehensive site designed specifically to help you do just that.

You can either download the training or go through it online. It is designed for European workers and you can select 1 of 30 countries and 1 of 25 languages. USA, not being a European country, is not listed as one of the countries but you can select “english” and run through the training even though you aren’t in Europe.

Have a look at the “Managing Stress and Psychosocial Risks E-Guide

Working in Cold Weather-OSHA Youtube Video

“Baby it’s cold outside!” may be the line in one of our favorite Christmas songs, but it’s also a reality that has to be dealt with properly to make sure that workers are properly protected during the winter months.
If you’ve got workers who have to work outside in the winter sit them down and show this 15 minute OSHA video on cold weather safety.

(Click on the image to go to youtube to watch it or go to http://youtu.be/ljdJ61n0uoA)