Lifting and Lowering Diagram

I came across this diagram in a British safety publication and, thinking this would be a good topic to discuss, I went looking for a US version.


I couldn’t find one and I’m not sure why. There are several similar versions of this image but they are all from British websites.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that the guidelines giving here are simple and easy to follow. For women, use 2/3 of the weight shown.

Rough equivalents are listed below:

  • 5 kg = 11 lbs
  • 10 kg = 22 lbs
  • 15 kg = 33 lbs
  • 25 kg = 55 lbs

If, while moving the load, you are going to take it through more than one of the zones, use the lowest value. This diagram assumes that the worker’s body is in a stable position, that he is using both hands and that the hands are no more than shoulder length apart.

Above this weight, an assessment needs to be made to prevent injury.

Okay, can anyone tell me why I couldn’t find anything like this in lbs on a US website?