Downtown Safety Connection

One of our locations is just South of Seattle in Kent, WA.

I have lived in WA, South of Seattle for the last 17 years, having moved from Chicago, IL in 1998. I consider Seattle to be one of the safest big cities (especially compared to Chicago) but even Seattle has to deal with the same safety issues that any large conglomerate of individuals does so I was pretty excited to discover in brand new website entitled


The website is run by the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) and here is what they have to say about this new site:

The DSA is your advocate, and the Downtown Safety Connection is a vehicle to bring your concerns to the city’s decision makers. We will take your Downtown public safety comments and share them with the appropriate departments, connecting you with the people who can best help us make Downtown Seattle the inviting and safe urban area we all want it to be.

The website allows city dwellers to report crimes and suspicious activity in real time. Click on the issue (Drug dealing, Encampment, Graffiti, Illegal Vending, Individual Suffering Mental Health Crisis, Intimidating behavior/Aggressive solicitation, Open-air drug use, Public nuisance, Street disorder) and specify whom you would like to notify (Downtown Seattle Association, City Attorney, County Prosecutor, Metropolitan Improvement District, Office of the Mayor, Seattle City Council, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Police Dept., Seattle Public Utilities or Transit Police). Then, fill out your name, email (both of which are required although you can check a box that we keep your name anonymous) and, if you wish, your phone and business/residential bldg. You can then give details (2,000 character limit) as well as the Street address or intersection of the activity. You can also attach one or more photos, although there is a disclaimer that says “Please do not take photos if doing so will escalate the situation, or could put the safety of you or others at risk. Max size 4MB.

It also lets you know to make sure to call 911 if a crime is in progress.

So… I think it’s cool but what about you? Do you think this is something that every major (or even medium sized) city ought to emulate? Will this help reduce crime or will it just move to areas that don’t have such sites? Would you use it? Why? Why not?


Electricians have new necconnect website

I’ll let the people from NECCONNECT.ORG explain it to you:

Welcome to nec connect Community

Welcome to nec connect, a new online resource for all things related to the National Electrical Code. Learn about the latest in electrical safety, wiring, guidelines, and equipment, along with upcoming electrical code updates, tips and the latest social updates from the NFPA. nec connect is your one-stop shop for residential and industrial electrical safety, whether you are an installer, designer, inspector or policy maker. Join fellow contractors and engineers, and sample the latest video content, articles and more from industry experts. And subscribe TODAY for exclusive access to all video content, conversations, updates, and white papers. Thanks for visiting!


Check them out at

Redesigned Website Launches

While, for the most part, I try to focus on information and training on this blog, there are times when I have to put in a little something about which is the company I work for and that brings you this blog. Today is such a day because we have just launched our new redesigned website with improved navigation, search and with easies and simpler checkout.

With over 10,000 safety items and almost $1,000,000 worth of stock, unparalleled service, same day shipping on any order received before noon, competitive pricing and more, would love to show you what we can do to make your workplace and home safer. Unlike many other “safety” products website out there, you won’t find toilet paper and lightbulbs on our site. We know that safety is specialized and that selling product isn’t enough. If you don’t get the right product for your application, you aren’t going to be properly protected. We have a staff that has been with us for a long-time and each and everyone is trained in safety so that we have a combined 200 years of experience.

Come have a look around. If you have questions, call us at (800) 213-7092. We will be glad to help solve any safety related issue you have.

CDC Launches a new “National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network”

From the CDC website:

Environmental causes of chronic diseases are hard to identify. Measuring amounts of hazardous substances in our environment in a standard way, tracing the spread of these over time and area, seeing how they show up in human tissues, and understanding how they may cause illness is critical. The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network is the start of that system.

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network is a system of integrated health, exposure, and hazard information and data from a variety of national, state, and city sources. On the Tracking Network, you can explore information and view maps, tables, and charts about health and environment across the country. Learn more about tracking.

You can view information by general category (outdoor air, water, homes), by health effects (asthma, cancer, childhood lead poisoning, more…) or by location (select your location to find out more about the issues in your area).

This new website is being touted as a revolutionary way for the public to track environmental and health issues.

Check out this new website here.