Matchstick Men get Pulvirized in these Transit Safety Videos

Metro Los Angeles have put together a set of safety videos to drive home the message that people have to  be careful around trains. The videos feature matchstick men getting dismembered and pulverized. They may only be matchstick men but still! Even the titles are brutal!

Transit1Present or pulverized?

Dismount or Dismembered?

Mindful or Mangled?

Patient or Pancake?

Heads-up or Headless?

Careful or Crushed?

Short to Medium Safety Video Clips

Looking for a video clip for your next safety meeting? Work Safe BC has over 130 videos, some as short as 29 seconds, others as long as 186 minutes (most are in the 2-3 minute range) covering a whole slew of safety topics.

It also has a mobile app that allows you to access the videos on your smart phone for on-the-go viewing.

Check out the list of videos at (That page only shows 9 of the videos so make sure you click on “more videos” at the bottom of the page to see the complete list).

Some of the videos are obviously specifically designed for British Columbia, Canada but by far the vast majority apply no matter where you are.

U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Videos on Youtube

The U.S. Depart of Agricultural Safety and Health is now available on Youtube. With 20 different videos in six different categories, there’s plenty here. The categories are:

  • Pesticide Safety (9 videos)
  • Tractor and Machine Safety (3 videos)
  • Livestock Safety (3 videos)
  • Grain Safety (1 video)
  • Child Development (2 videos)
  • Respiratory Protection (2 videos)

Have a look for yourself and see how you might be able to use this free resource at


Fall Protection Training Videos by Capital Safety

It’s here! The brand new “Thinking About Fall Protection” video!

Thinking About Fall Protection introduces you to all aspects of fall protection and industry safety require-ments. You’ll have the confidence of being provided with fall protection knowledge ranging from compliant to expert solutions.
This 30 minute video is broken down into 11 chapters, listed below. You can view these segments in a number of ways. They are available on the Capital Safety YouTube Channel but they can also be downloaded and saved to your computer by clicking on the DOWNLOAD links below. Choose from Windows Media or an iPod/iPad optimized MP4. NOTE: The MP4 Download link will prompt you to download a .zip file.

Download Link Here!