How your co-workers’ smoking could kill you!

Donald Adams has probably heard that smoking is bad for your health; he’s probably heard that second hand smoke is bad for the health of those around him as well. He apparently doesn’t care. In fact, he doesn’t even care if his smoking starts a combustible dust explosion, as long as he can get his nicotine fix because Mr. Adams decided to light up and have a cigarette while underground in a cold mine in Pennsylvania.

You can read the full story at the website. The article is entitled Idiot of the week: Miner charged with smoking in underground mine.

Interestingly, Mr. Adams admit that the cigarette butt that they found in the mine, deep underground is actually his but he denies smoking it. Not quite sure how that would work!

The Dangers of Underground Utilities

I read recently of a person who asked a friend to save them money by having them put up some shelves rather than hiring a professional. The friend, without realizing it, screwed into the PVC pipe from the toilet upstairs that was hidden in the wall that the shelf was been mounted to. They soon discovered that every time someone flushed the toilet, there was a puddle of water under the shelf. Turned out to cost them a whole lot more than it would have to have hired a professional to start with.

I bring this story up because it exemplifies on a small scale and vertically, the problem of digging, boring, drilling, etc… without knowing what’s there.

Gas leaks, water leaks, electrical shorts and electrocutions are just some of the serious problems that can arise if you just start digging without checking to see what you might accidentally hit.

It isn’t complicated… CALL BEFORE YOU DIG! (“dig” obviously includes boring and drilling or any other action that is going to go further down than just the surface).

Most utilities offer free services to locate the buried cables and pipes that you might run into. Take advantage of this free service because if you don’t and damage something, you will have to pay.