Respirator Safety & Training Video

When was the last time you trained your workers on respiratory protection? If and when OSHA stops in and sees that your workers are using respirators you’re going to need to show documentation that shows that these workers have been properly trained in how to wear the respirator properly, how to clean it, how to store it, how to do a seal check, etc…

You could get a safety professional in to train everyone but there is a quicker and easier way to get the training. The Department of Labor has a video on Youtube that you can access and show to your workers that covers all the essentials of respirator safety.

Click on the video link below to access the video


Free Downloadable Safety Training Videos

Got a safety meeting coming up? Want to do more than just talk for 45 minutes and watch your audience’s eyes glaze over? In this digital age, most people don’t do well simply listening or taking notes; they need and want something more, something that will capture their attention and keep it, even if only for a few minutes.

That where video training comes in. You could purchase safety training videos and there certainly is a time and place for this type of training material but there is also some good free stuff available online.


We try to highlight and let you know where the good stuff is and, having just come across this site a couple of days ago, I figured I’d point you to¬† where you’ll find a nice collection of totally free videos available either to stream live during the safety meeting or that you can download to show when you need to.

Most of them are relatively short, between 2 to 6 minutes and many are available in English or in Spanish but they would be great in getting discussion going.

Ladder Safety Training Resources

trestle ladder

trestle ladder

If you’re having more than your fair share of accidents that come from ladders then it might be time to make sure your employees have been properly trained on ladder safety. The Convergence Training blog might be the best place to start.

Head over to their ladder safety page for a ton of great information as well as…


Machine Guarding Game, Glossary and Video

From our friends at convergence training, a page on machine guarding with video:

Machine Guarding Training Resources

Check out the following training resources for Machine Guarding (1910.212), which ranks tenth on OSHA’s Top Ten list this year.

– See more at:

Free PowerPoint Training Downloads

I often get emails from various people who would like me to post a link to something that they have online on our e-commerce website at We have a “links” section that we provide to help readers find resources to safety related topics, training material, downloads, documents, etc…

Most of the time I simply delete them because they are either not really relevant or there simply isn’t enough material there for me to feel that it is of value to our readers (or, as is also often the case, it has absolutely nothing to do with safety and they are just trying to get links to rank better in Google). This past week, however, I got an email from Matthew Pelletier who is director of marketing at Compliance and Safety mentioning the fact¬† that they have a section of their website where people can view and download free training PowerPoints. He thought it would be a good addition to our links section and, after checking it out, I agree.

They’ve done a great job and have collected 5 different PowerPoints for you.

Check them out for yourself at

Thanks Matthew!