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Toolbox Talks App

Imagine having 850 different safety meeting topics and toolbox talks available at your fingertips any time you want them. A new smartphone, PC or tablet app gives you exactly that.


From the website:

Safety Meeting App is the Premiere Provider of OSHA Safety Meetings.

Record Incident/Accident

Meets OSHA’s Required Meeting Laws

950+ Safety Meeting Topics – View List of Topics

Spanish & English Topics (new)

 Access from your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Print & Download PDF Reports (new)

Date Stamps each Safety Meeting

Covers a Variety of Trade Types

Record Disciplinary Actions with Digital Signatures

Record Active/Inactive Employees

One Account For the Whole Company

The Safety Meeting App is perfect for:
General, Trade/Specialty, and Sub-Contractors who work on Residential & Commercial projects. It’s been proven to work for small & large corporations alike.

The Safety Meeting App allows you to:
Easily store current & past meetings in the event they are needed. Records are stored electronically.

Download a 30-day trial of the safety meeting app

Safety Toolbox Talks aren’t enough

The single most searched for topic that lands readers on this blog is “Safety Talks” also known as “Toolbox Talks”. Coming up with a new topic for the next safety meeting or looking for something to hand out on a topic that’s been a problem, presenters use these sheets to make sure that employees understand and follow along. You can find a whole bunch of them here.

Unfortunately all too often these toolbox talks become a substitute for proper research and work so that they end up bland and boring; something for the employees who have to sit through these meeting to doodle on rather than anything of value.

So before you give, or have someone else give, the next safety talk have a look at the Society for Human Resource Management website. They have put together a great article entitled “How to Make Your Safety Training Talks Effective” that outlines 12 points to keep in mind in order to make sure that they are effective and well-done.


How to Make Your Safety Training Talks Effective
How to Make Your Safety Training Talks Effective
How to Make Your Safety Training Talks Effective

How to Make Your Safety Training Talks Effective

Yet more Toolbox Talks Resources

Want yet more safety talks? Then I’ve got another great link for you:

Here’s a list of what they have to offer:

File Sharing and Safety

Okay, this post is a little out of the ordinary because rather than talk about a specific safety issue, I want to talk about file sharing as it relates to getting information relating to safety.

Rather than try to explain it all in detail let’s just jump right in and start playing.

Go to This is one of the many file sharing sites out there. It’s also one of my favorites because of the breadth of products you can find there.

Type “Eye Protection” in the search box at the top and click the “search” button (or just hit the enter key). Behold… 18,105 pages which translates to over 181,000 documents (10 documents per page) that contain this key word. Now that’s a lot of documents and you’re probably going to have to either spend a lot of time riffling through the search results or refine your search.

On page 1 of the above search, fourth document down, you’ll find “The Basics of Eye Protection” that I unloaded there back in November of ’08 as part of my “The Basics of…” series.

You’re going to have to answer the ethical question of what you are going to download and keep on your computer as does not guarantee that all these documents are public domain or free for the taking but most, like the ones that I upload are.

This makes this site a great place for safety related information and documents.

Here’s another example… You’ve got a safety meeting tomorrow and you need a topic. Go to scribd and type in “Safety toolbox” to find, amongst others, “Toolbox Talks Complete” which is a year’s worth of weekly safety meeting subjects.

And the cool thing is that this is just one of many such sites out there.

Here’s another three file sharing websites like this one that I use regularly:

Got another favorite? Send it along to me and share it with other readers.