School Bus Safety

Registered sex offenders are not allowed within a certain distance of elementary schools but that law does not apply to the bus stop where your child may wait. You can’t rely on the fact that other children may be present. The other student or students may, on any given day, not be present due to illness or some other factor and your child, if you aren’t present, may end up standing there alone, making them easy prey.

Watch a short video on how to protect your child from sexual predators at the bus stop.



Are you telling predators where to find your kids?

If you own a cell phone and use it to take photos that you then post online you could be inadvertently letting anyone who wants to find it exactly where you or your child lives, goes to school, even which part of the playground they play in.

Watch the action news report about this and see how to protect yourself. It’s a simple settings adjustment that might save your child or you from being targetted by predators.


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Continued exposure to BPA linked to Male Sexual Dysfunction

A new study reported by Oxford Journals ( and available in a downloadable pdf here, a link has been found between bisphenol-A (BPA) and adverse effects on male sexual dysfunction.

BPA is present in many plastics, epoxy resins and polycarbonates from plastic drinking bottles and baby bottles to some dental sealants. Routine urine tests have found that most people are exposed to some levels of BPA. As quoted from the article In a national sample of the US population, more than 90% of spot urine samples had detectable BPA with a median urine level of 2.7 mg/l (Calafat et al.,2005; Calafat et al., 2008; National Toxicology Program, 2008). Since BPA has a fast metabolism rate (half-life time ,6 h) (National Toxicology Program, 2008), this finding suggests a continuous exposure to BPA in the US population.”

At increased risk are workers in plants where exposure to BPA might be present.

The adverse sexual dysfunctions identified in men included problems getting or maintaining an erection, orgasmic difficulties, decrease or loss of sexual desire and overall dissatisfaction with sex life.

The article though fairly extensive emphasizes the need for further study.