FR garment comfort factors increase user compliance

I have no idea who wrote this whitepaper as they didn’t sign it or put any information about themselves or the company they work for but it’s one of the best papers out there for anyone trying to figure out which OSHA Standard applies to them as it relates to FR garments.

It’s on the website and it’s entitled “FR garment comfort factors increase user compliance

The 6 page document is a must read for anyone dealing with FR garments.

That which is supposed to protect may be harming instead

Apparently the expression “That which does not kill me makes me stronger” is something that makers of hand soap and disinfectants need to be paying attention to. It applies to germs as well. It has long be preached by naturalists and proponents of fiber cleaning cloths that disinfectants are simply creating stronger, more resistant germs.

A new study now has scientific backing to that claim.

Excerpts from the abstract:

“it has been demonstrated that biocides can select, at least in laboratory experiments, antibiotic resistant bacteria… widely used biocide triclosan might induce antibiotic resistance using as a model the opportunistic pathogen Stenotrophomonas maltophilia… “

You can read more about it for yourself by clicking on the link above. Right now the FDA is reassessing triclosan’s safety and beginning to take a look at many others.

In my humble opinion this is one issue we can’t afford to drag our feet on. No one wants super viruses and germs that nothing will kill.