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Whether in your home workshop or in the work place, oily rags, rags used to apply shellac, varnish or other protective coatings, turpentine rags, etc… all need to be stored and disposed of correctly. Many of these rags, if not disposed of correctly can actually self-ignite and cause fires. This is where Justrite manufacturing comes in. Whether we’re talking about bench cans, dip tanks, plunger cans or oily waste cans Justrite has got the right one.

And now Justrite has a video for each of the above to teach you why you need it and how to use it.
Check out the Justrite YouTube video page for each of the following Justrite videos:

Potential Exposure to Metals in Laundered Shop Towels

If you’re using laundered shop towels in your facility, you might be exposing yourself to elevated levels of heavy metals, levels that exceed what’s allowed in drinking water. Apparently the problem is getting worse and worse. The latest study, commissioned by Kimberly-Clark, found “that ‘clean’ shop towels sampled from 26 different industrial sites were significantly more contaminated with heavy metals than in 2003.”

Because the supposedly “clean” towels contain heavy metals and workers using them end up with heavy metals on their hands, they end up ingesting them.

Read more about which heavy metals you might be ingesting, how they might be affecting your health and what to do about it at http://www.thedirtonshoptowels.com