Free Workplace Safety Quizzes


Do you want to test your knowledge of safety in a particular area? How about testing your employees to make sure they know what they need to know to stay safe in the workplace?

OSHA presently has 7 quizzes on their “Free Workplace Safety Quiz Page

They are as follows:

List of quizzes:

The site promises more to come (10 – 20 is their estimate).

A Whole Mess of Safety Quizzes

Want to find out how much your employees know about a particular safety topic? Maybe you want them to realize that they really don’t know as much as they think they do in order to make sure they are receptive to training?


The Environmental Health and Safety Database website has got you covered. You don’t have to put together your own quiz. Just head to the “A to Z Safety Quiz” web page. They’ve got about 50 different quizzes so odds are you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Are you Ready for Marriage Quiz

Safety takes on many forms. There’s car safety, workplace safety, fire safety, home safety, and then there’s marriage safety! Not familiar with that last one? It’s simple… just never give this quiz to your wife. If you do, we can’t be responsible for your safety.

Below is the answer key as well as the results that you can use to score the quiz by.

This was taken from a comic book published back in the 1950s.


Are you an Aggressive Driver?

One of the books in my library at home is a book by the Harbinger Institute entitled “Leadership and Self-Deception”. It is obviously directed primarily to leaders but the premise of the book is that every one of us have certain issues and weaknesses that everyone around us can see clearly but which we ourselves are blind to. As I type this I’m reminded of my grandfather (who was British). My grandmother, in the passenger seat used to watch him get more and more irritated at other drivers on the road. Finally she would turn to him and tell him “Don’t get angry!” He would them get all red in the face and yell back “I’M NOT ANGRY!!!!”

That’s self-deception and it’s the topic of a quiz put out by AAA on their website. The quiz is entitled “Are YOU an Aggressive Driver?” and it contains 40 multiple choice questions in four different categories (10 in each). The categories include Anger, Impatience, Competing and Punishing.

Take the test and be honest about it. Self-deception is not only ugly but when it comes to being an aggressive driver it can harm you, others in the car and others on the road.

Are You a Safe DIY-er?

Last week I gave you a link to a quiz for you to take to see if you knew about table saw safety (See “Table Saw Safety Quiz“). This week, instead of pointing you to the Fine Woodworking website, I’m going to point you to the TLC website for a “Are you a Safe DIY-er?” quiz.

Once again, you’ve got 10 questions to answer. They’re pretty straight forward and easy to figure out but it’s a great way to be reminded about some basic safety rules that you may have forgotten.

If you like quizzes you can take a bunch more on the TLC “getsmart challenge” section of their website. They don’t have to do with safety but maybe they’ll help round out your education on a wide variety of subjects.

Table Saw Safety Quiz

Fine Woodworking’s website has a fun little quiz that you can take to test your knowledge of safety when it comes to table saws.

The test, found here consists of 10 questions.

Here’s a sample of the types of questions:

The proper place to stand when operating a tablesaw is:

  1. In line with the blade
  2. Leaning over the blade
  3. Between the fence and the blade
  4. Out of the path of the workpiece and blade

Go test your knowledge and have fun!

Having fun with Safety

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Okay, here’s an idea I wish that I had had.

A safety training website ( has dropped the gauntlet and thrown out the challenge… Sign up on their website at and you will receive a weekly email with a question for you to answer.

Sign up as many people as you can and compare score, challenge each other, etc…

Players are not only competing with others in their company, they are also competing for the prizes shown below:

For the OSHA Challenger at the top of the Leader Board and at the top of the Referral Board:
FREE One Year subscription to BLR’s 7-Minute Safety Trainer
A $299 Value!
For the next 4 OSHA Challengers on the Leader Board and the next 4 on the Referral Board:
FREE Audio Click ‘n Train: HazCom
A $149 Value!

This weeks’ question is:

This Week’s Question

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a report showing the increase in state smoke-free laws between 2005 and 2007. Which of the following are findings included in the report?
A) The study focused on worksites, restaurants, and bars where adult nonsmokers were most likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

B) According to CDC, the number of states with prohibitions rose from 8 to 25.

C) Both A and B.

Go to the OSHA Challenge website, sign up and start making learning about safety just a little bit more fun!