E-cigs aren’t working to help people quit smoking

E-cigarettes were supposed to be the greatest invention since the patch in helping millions of people quit smoking. Designed to deliver the nicotine without all the other harmful substances that are inhaled with traditional smoking it was supposed to turn smokers into non-smokers.

Problem is that neither of the above premise are actually true.

1. We’ve talked before on this blog about the fact that e-cigs were never really tested and that they were released for use with no real study about what, in fact, e-cig inhalers were, in fact inhaling. Turns out that besides the nicotine you’re actually inhaling metal and silicate particles. Doesn’t take a long-term study to conclude that this can’t be good for you. It may actually create a greater problem down the road than regular smoking.

2. They don’t actually help smokers quit. According to a new study by the Journal of Internal Medicine, “One randomized trial comparing e-cigarettes with and without nicotine with a nicotine patch found no differences in 6-month quit rates.” In other words they just don’t help smokers kick the habit.

Back to the drawing-board to find a miracle, overnight cure to help smokers quit.

Quit Smoking and Stay Quit

Been to the gymn yet this month? Have you noticed how crowded it is? Have no fear, the treadmill will be freed up again in a couple of weeks. Why? Because with the new year many people commit to a new, healthy lifestyle that includes a daily workout. The vast majority won’t keep that resolution and by the middle of February they’ve gone back to “business as usual”!

The same thing applies to smoking. Many smokers resolve to quit smoking and most will not succeed. Fact is that most smokers will quit 8-11 times before they are able to stop smoking for good. With that in mind, Quit and Stay Quit Monday is here to help.

Rather than wait weeks, months or years before you quit again, quit every Monday.

With a tip for every week of the year, it’s a great way to make the “quit” stick.
The website has brochures, posters, toolkits, e-cards and a ton of other resources.
Need even more help? Try “find a Monday Quit-Buddy“.

Make this the year when you become a quitter… for good!