You just ran over a little girl

Last Friday we ran a post on the record low fatalities in the highways. While that’s good news, a British Columbia company wants to make sure that we don’t rest on our laurels.

School zones and other areas where children play are still problem areas. Getting drivers to slow down is still a priority.

Preventable, out of Canada, has come up with a novel approach. They have painted a 3D illusion into the middle of the street that makes it look, at a distance of 100 feet, as if a little girl is in the middle of the road reaching for a ball. Watch the video from Youtube:

A lot of buzz has already been generated around the issue of panic-stricken motorists suddenly swerving and hitting other cars or children as well as the issue of desensitizing drivers who might not react in time when the image is not an illusion but a real child.

For the time being, they are closely monitoring the spot to see how drivers react and what positive or negative effects this approach might have.

Either way, it’s an interesting approach to a problem that kills almost 1 child a day in the BC area! Time alone will tell if it works.