Free PowerPoint Training Downloads

I often get emails from various people who would like me to post a link to something that they have online on our e-commerce website at We have a “links” section that we provide to help readers find resources to safety related topics, training material, downloads, documents, etc…

Most of the time I simply delete them because they are either not really relevant or there simply isn’t enough material there for me to feel that it is of value to our readers (or, as is also often the case, it has absolutely nothing to do with safety and they are just trying to get links to rank better in Google). This past week, however, I got an email from Matthew Pelletier who is director of marketing at Compliance and Safety mentioning the fact  that they have a section of their website where people can view and download free training PowerPoints. He thought it would be a good addition to our links section and, after checking it out, I agree.

They’ve done a great job and have collected 5 different PowerPoints for you.

Check them out for yourself at

Thanks Matthew!

Powerpoints for Safety Training is a file sharing website for powerpoint presentations. I have, over the years, uploaded several powerpoints to this website and they are available to you free of charge.

Simply download them and use them as you need.

After seeing a report that almost 100,000 people had viewed these presentations and over 1,000 had downloaded them, I realized that I had probably never mentioned them here on this blog so, to make up for that, here the links for you to have a look and download if you feel that they might be of use to you.

Looking for training material?

There is one question than I get more often than any other and that’s “Where can I get good training material?” So, whenever, I come across a good source, I’ve got to share it. This link, from West Virginia University’s Safety and Health Extension is one you are going to want to spend some time at. It requires you to fill out a form giving your information but then you have unlimited, free access to the following presentations:

Electrical Safety including Arc Flash

Intro to Arc Flash
Lockout Tagout

Hexavalent Chromium

Presence of Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI) in the Industry, its Health Effects, Recommended Control Strategies and Existent Regulation

Landscape Worker Training

General Industry
Introduction to OSHA
Work Surfaces
Health and Hazcom
Hand and PowerTools
Materials Handling
Machinery and Vehicular Safety
Safety and Health Programs
Course Publicity Poster
Videos Pictures and Extras
References Fact Sheets and FACE Reports

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Response Guidance for
Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers

Residential Fall Protection

The Problem
Site Preparation
Foundation Work
Roofing Work
Siding and Brick
Other Activites

Safety Hazards During Modular Home Installation

Site Preparation
Transport and Delivery
Hoisting and Rigging
Setting and Accessing Foundation
Tilt Up Roofs

Go to to access these files. Enjoy!