Photos Document a Shameful Part of our History

September of this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act that sought to outlaw (or at least severely regulate) child labor. While it was passed, it was struck down two years later on the grounds that it was unconstitutional to impose federal law on something that each state should regulate themselves (Wow, how far we’ve come!). It was, however, instrumental in fueling a reform so that today, children can’t legally be employed (the fact that many, many children are, none the less forced to work because of human trafficking, is another matter all together).

Lewis Hine was instrumental in raising awareness to the plight of so many children, sometimes as young as 4 years old who were forced to work, often in grueling conditions which wouldn’t even be allowed for adults today, through his photos. For 16 years he traveled across the US taking photos of exploited children like this one:


This boy is 5 years old and this is the second year that he’s been working picking shrimp, which means that he started this job at age 4.

You can view a collection of the Lewis Hine photos and read the stories behind each one on the Atlas Obscura website.

For an even larger collection of Lewis Hine Child Labor photos visit

Are you telling predators where to find your kids?

If you own a cell phone and use it to take photos that you then post online you could be inadvertently letting anyone who wants to find it exactly where you or your child lives, goes to school, even which part of the playground they play in.

Watch the action news report about this and see how to protect yourself. It’s a simple settings adjustment that might save your child or you from being targetted by predators.


(Click on image to watch the video or go to

Home Inspection Nightmares by “This Old House”

Yes, that’s a hot tube and yes, that a rickety deck that’s just waiting to collapse; not to mention the big overhang on the right. This is just one of the 20 unsafe home inspection nightmares on the “This Old House” website this week. Check out the others, like the illegal fireworks next to the electrical problem up in the attic, or the mortar shell or the box of high explosives in the attic.

If you want to view more of these nightmares, this is the 28th set that This Old House has posted. Just type “Home Inspection Nightmares” in the TOH search post to pull up the other 27 sets.

And yet more Safety Fails!

Apparently the world continues to churn out people with more ingenuity than smarts so, once again, Safety Fails photos:

Yet more Safety Fails

Because there’s no end to the stupidity and laziness of people who’d rather risk their life than be safe… another round of safety fails