Cell Phone Distraction a Growing Safety Issue

Just when you think you’re making great strides in safety in one area, we all seem to find new ways to injure ourselves. The advent of the cell phone is just such a new safety hazard. We aren’t talking about the issue of brain tumors and such (which is still a controversal issue much debated and both sides) but rather the issue of distraction while talking on the cell phone while walking.

The past seven years have seen the number of injuries in emergency rooms due to distracted pedestrian quadruple and the culprit seems to be the cell phone. And that’s the number of reported injuries. More than likely the number is a lot higher because people are too embarrased to report the true reason for the injury not to mention the fact that most injuries due to distraction while on the cell phone probably don’t necessitate a visit to the emergency room.

You know the comment people make about walking and chewing gum? It apparently needs to be updated to walking and talking on the cell phone. Have a look at this Youtube Video of a woman falling into the fountain at a local mall because she was too busy texting and didn’t see it (The woman, by the way, is reportedly suing the mall for allowing security to post the video on Youtube).

While many states have tried to pass legislation banning texting and talking on cell phones while crossing a street, with fines similar to fines for jaywalking, all of them have failed to do anything of any significance to curb the problem.

As is unfortunately the norm, it seems like it will take a number of serious injuries and deaths before action is taken to protect people… in this case, from themselves!