Miller Fall Clearance App

From Miller Fall Protection by Honeywell…

The great tool you have been using online is NOW available as an app – making it possible to calculate your fall clearance on any mobile device.

  • Real-time fall clearance results with animation
  • Fall clearance calculations at your fingertips
  • Lanyard and SRL calculations, including swing fall
  • Ability to email results
  • Multilingual support in English, Spanish and French with metric conversion
  • Available for download on both Apple and Android devices

Understanding the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code

Are you confused about the updates to the fall protection standard? Wondering what the ANSI Z359 code is all about?

Miller Fall Protection is here to help. They’ve provided a great downloadable 19 page document that’ll help you navigate this standard.

They break the standard down into it’s subsections and guide you through them individually using illustrations where needed.


Click on the image below to download the “Understanding the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection  Code” pdf


Discover the NEW Miller Fall Clearance App!

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Fall Clearance App

It’s never been easier to calculate your fall clearance!

· Real-time fall clearance results with animation

· Fall clearance calculations at your fingertips

· Lanyard and SRL calculations, including swing fall

· Ability to email results

· Multilingual support in English, Spanish and French with metric conversion

· Available for download on both Apple and Android devices

Download on iTunesDownload on Google play

LEARN MORE by visiting us online, download the brochure, or watch a walk-through video showing examples of both lanyard and SRL calculations.

Miller by Honeywell

Looking for a good fall protection video?

Want to do a little training on fall protection for your next safety meeting? Don’t hand out yet another flyer that your employees aren’t going to read, turn instead to Youtube. Turn, most specifically to “The Basics of Fall Protection” by Miller Fall Protection.


The above video lasts almost 14 minutes and it’s actually part 1 of 2

The second part is located at and it’s almost 14 minutes as well, giving you almost a half hour of quality video contact that your employees are sure to remember.


ShockFusion Horizontal Lifeline Selection Guide

Need a rooftop safety lifeline system but not sure what’ll work best for your own particular application?

Miller’s ShockFusion online selection guide is the answer. Simply put it walks you through the different variables:

  1. Roof Type
  2. Attachment kit
  3. System Length
  4. Connecting Device
  5. # of Workers and Span
  6. Connecting Device Length
  7. Fall Clearance

and the app will create a detailed list that you can download to submit for approval. It will also give you the part number of the complete kit.


In addition, it will create a diagram to show you exactly how to install the system (like the one below).


Take it for a spin yourself at


Miller Fall Protection Fall Clearance Calculator

We’ve talked before on this blog about the “fall clearance” issue. Essentially fall clearance has to do with the distance you need to account for when taking a fall in order not to hit the ground. What this means is that if you are 6 foot tall, wearing a 6 foot lanyard, accounting for stretch and other factors, you will need to have 18 feet off fall clearance as illustrated below.


Because factors vary (You might be using a self-retracting lifeline or an 8 foot lanyard, for example) each application should be looked at separately and the fall clearance calculated for each instance. Fortunately, Miller Fall Protection has a fall clearance calculator that you can use to determine your fall clearance. Just type in your variables and it’ll give you your fall clearance, illustrated as in the above image.

Great little tool to keep everyone safe!


Fall Protection Training for 2013

Take advantage of Miller Fall Protection’s experienced instructors, withh live demonstrations and hands-on training. Each course addresses site-specific variables and performance requirements of fall prevention and protection. Each participant will receive a two-year certificate after successful course completion. Online and On-Site training is available as well as courses offered in Spanish!

The courses are available in different locations throughout the USA and cover a wide variety of topics and levels.

View the complete 2013 Miller Fall Protection training schedule.

New Video from Miller Fall Protection

Miller Fall Protection

New! Gravity Kills Defy It! Fall Protection Video

The NEW Miller “Gravity Kills Defy It!” video was produced to help employers learn the importance of: Developing a fall protection safety plan; Fall prevention and protection training; The ABCs of fall protection; Donning a harness in six easy steps; Calculating fall clearance; Proper inspection and maintenance procedures.

According to OSHA, fall hazards are the leading cause of injury at construction sites. More than 650 workers died in falls last year, and thousands were injured. Ensuring a safe workplace is a mandated employer responsibility. The most effective fall protection programs result when employers work closely with workers to identify fall hazards present at a particular site, and develop comprehensive safety-at-height plans and procedures.

You can view a short 3 minute promotional clip or the full 26 minute video. You can also download a fullscreen MP4 video (149.7 MB) for showing at your next safety meeting.
Click here to go to the Miller Fall Protection page to view or download this video.

Free Download – Fall Clearance Calculator App by Miller

New! Miller Fall Clearance Calculator

When working at height, it is important to know your fall clearance and swing fall whether using a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline. Calculating your fall clearance and swing fall is critical to your safety and is now easily accessible any time, any place whether working from a desktop, smart phone or tablet.While especially designed for use with Miller® fall protection products, the interactive Fall Clearance Calculator can be used with any brand of fall protection equipment that meets ANSI standards.

It’s FREE, Go get it!

Miller Fall Clearance Calculator

One of the best little guides for fall protection

Did some training this morning with the Miller Fall Protection rep. Part of what he handed out was a small pamphlet entitled “Smart Policy MillerGuide” which, as it turns out is a great little piece of litterature.

This 45 page publication is a fairly comprehensive guide to all things fall related including:

  • General Safety at Height Considerations
  • Developing a Safety at Height Program
  • Fall Prevention and Protection Training
  • A Personal Fall Arrest System
  • Inspection and Maintenance of a Personal Fall Arrest System
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Safety at Height Solutions

One of the things that makes this resource so valuable are the images, especially the ones that show what to look for when inspecting your fall protection gear. Rather than simply tell you what to look for they show you what faulty equipment looks like.
It also includes step-by-step photo guides for most fall protection procedures.

You can download a digital copy at:

For a hard copy, email me at with your contact information and I’ll throw one in the mail for you.