Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management

Here’s a great computer program to download! It’s the CHEMM, the Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management.
What is it?

From the CHEMM website:

  • Enable first responders, first receivers, other healthcare providers, and planners to plan for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of mass-casualty incidents involving chemicals
  • Provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, web-based resource that is also downloadable in advance, so that it would be available during an event if the internet is not accessible

With an impressive lineup of names for those who were involved in developping it, the software won the 2011 Risk Communication Award from the Alliance for Chemical Safety. The software is available for Windows or Mac.

Spend a little time on the site as well. It has an impressive amount of information about understanding chemical exposure and risks, toxic sydromes, patient care guidelines, types and categories of hazardous chemicals and a whole lot more.

Don’t wait till you’ve got a chemical spills or events to try to figure out how to handle it.