Selecting the right wiper for your task

We’ve talked recently on this blog about the problem with laundered shop towels and how they all contain heavy metals. Seeing as the most common use for shop towels is wiping the face and hands, this means that your exposure to heavy metals increases every time you use a shop towel. Not a good thing. The solution, of course, is to use disposable wipers. The problem, however, is in trying to figure out which wiper you need.

Kimberly-Clark’s website has 15 different selections when it comes to disposable wipers so how do you know which one is the right one for the task you are performing?

Fortunately, Kimberly-Clark is here to help with their Wiping Solutions website.


Just answer a series of questions and it will narrow remove the wipers from the product matches below until you are left with the right wiper.
For example, the first question is: “What type of task are you performing with the wiper?”
and you select from the following three options:

  • Absorbing Fluid
  • Applying Fluid
  • Dry wiping

Depending on what you selected, you get another question designed to help narrow your product matches.
The number of questions depends on the application but you’ll eventually be left with the right wiper for your job.

Pretty cool!

A Fun way to Diagnose Areas Where You Can Save

Want a little help saving money at your company? Kimberly-Clark just put out a fun new way for you to run some analytics that’ll do just that.

When you first get through the short animation of a mechanical piggy bank into which a coin is dropped, you’ll end up at a website that’ll give you a choice of analyzing ways to save in the following three categories:

  • Wiper Cost Savings Tuneup
  • Washroom Cost Savings Tuneup
  • Safety Cost Savings Tuneup

Being as I work for a safety supply company, I naturally selected the safety button and was presented with a fun little animation again that gave me further choices and analysis that gave me some basis avenues to explore that might provide me with a way to cut costs.

Rather than continue to explain it to you, why don’t you go take it for a spin yourself?

Check it out at

Have fun and call me if there’s a way we can help you implement any of the many ideas you’ll end up with.