New Arc Flash Warning Symbol


Have you seen this symbol before? Probably not and for good reason. It’s new and it’s important. This is the new symbol adopted by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO)  to denote a potential danger from arc flash.

It will doubtlessly take a while to roll out and start showing up on electrical boxes and generators but if and when you do see it either stay clear or, if you do need to work on the panel, make sure you are wearing the appropriate PPE designed for that level of potential arc flash.

Spraying Pesticides? Check out the new ISO Standard!

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has just came up with a new standard for protective clothing which is directly going to impact agricultural workers, farmers and anyone else who might work with pesticides. What they have essentially done is set up three different levels based on the potential for contamination:

  • Level 1: The potential risk of contamination is relatively low. The performance requirements for level 1 garments have been developed in view of low spray drift landing on the operator, e.g. from tractor boom sprayers
  • Level 2: the potential risk of contamination is higher but not so high as to require the use of liquid-tight materials
  • Level 3: the potential risk of contamination requires use of garments made with liquid-tight materials. This level is suitable for high-exposure scenarios where it has been determined that garments that prevent liquids from penetrating/permeating provide adequate protection.

Says Helmut Eichinger, Chair of ISO/TC94/SC 13: “ISO 27065:2011 will help pesticide users to be better protected and improve quality and performances of protective clothing, as well put safer protective clothing on the market. It will also contribute to reducing the risk to occupational health for operators and workers who use liquid pesticides.

Find out more on the ISO website at:

ISO Standard for Protective Clothing

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A new ISO Standard (ISO 11612:2008, protective clothing-Clothing to protect against heat and flame) has just been realeased.

According to their website ( some of the new features included in this new standard include:

  • new terms and definitions
  • a chapter on clothing design
  • a minimum requirement heat resistance test
  • flame spread specifications for seams
  • modifications for pre-treatment and for dimensional change due to cleaning
  • strength of materials
  • guidance for the ergonomic assessment of protective clothing
  • optional requirements for water resistance and protection against electric arc
  • new marking requirements
  • information on risk assessment and prediction of burn injuries

To find out more about this new standard check out the ISO website.