The Latest installment of “The Inspector” by Fine Homebuilding

Save a Shaky Old Deck

The Inspector had one of his interns snap a few photos of an old deck that a homeowner plans to rebuild. Before he goes down to take a closer look, the Inspector wants to make a checklist of the most likely flaws he would expect to find. Can you find six obvious places where this deck might need a little beefing up?

Click on the image below to play the game

(From the Fine Homebuilding website)

Play the “Inspector Game” from Fine Homebuilding

The Inspector Game” on the Fine Homebuilding website isn’t technically only about safety. It’s also about building codes, electrical work, carpentry, etc… but most of the issues addressed do have to do with safely building homes so that there aren’t any problems later so I’m going to send you to their website for you to have fun playing it.

This weeks’ game has to do with insulation. Click on the photo to identify the six problem areas that need to be corrected in order to make sure that the insulation is properly installed. You get 200 points every time you click correctly and 50 are taken off every time you click incorrectly.

Once you’ve finished showing off how good you are regarding insulation, page down and you’ll find 34 other images that you can play with:

Some are specific to safety and others have more to do with building codes. Either way, have fun if you can. It might be a little humiliating to find out how little you know.