A Little Few Videos from Toolboxtopics.com for your next Safety Meeting

As we all know, safety meetings can often be boring and tedious. Try as you may to spice them up, you still see people yawning or with glazed over eyes paying no attention. Here’s a list of videos that you can play around with to inject a little something more into your next meeting. Many of them are humorous, others are not but either way, they’ve got an important message to communicate.

These videos have been collected by Toolboxtopics.com on the video section of their website.

A few serious and a few not so serious links

Today, I’m going to send you surfing a little with a collection of links. A couple are serious, the rest not so much. Enjoy!



Arc Flash isn’t the only hazard for this electrical box. Photo #1, Photo #2, Photo #3

July 23rd, 2008 in Jackson Tennessee, a logger, attempting to secure his load, throws a cable over the logs and hooks the power line instead. Have a look at what happens here.


Not so serious

With the H1N1 flu coming back, many people are worried about having to wear surgical masks, after all, it isn’t a good look. Fortunately, there’s hope. Check out the latest “flu fashion” here.

Here’s an arial view of men at work that you won’t want to miss. Also, check out the “Caution Men Working” sign right below the photo.

Check out this set of images and you might never ask your husband to not forget to put the seat down on the toilet again.

Here’s a very simple solution to the problem that aircrafts are having with birds getting sucked up in the engines.

Check out this new fire alarm too.

Finally, a quick reminder from joe-ks.com: