Hazmat Training Games

Want to test your employees to find out if they’ve actually learned anything after you’ve given them HazMat training? Here’s a fun way to do just that.

Head to http://www.hazmatsolutions.net/HazMatTrainingGames/index.htm and let them play the games to find out if they really do know the stuff. Match them against each other and give a prize for the highest score. How about the day off with pay for the one who does best? Let them know ahead of time that they’ll be competing for the prize. I can guarantee they’ll pay closer attention to the training.


National Hazardous Materials Fusion Center

Hazmat responders of the world, take heed. A new website, the National Hazardous Materials Fusion Center has been launched.

The purpose of the website is to allow for a timely exchange of information on all things regarding hazardous materials, especially for hazmat responders.

It boasts a great selection of training material available for free download which includes the following:

Additionally, Regional Incident Survey Teams can register with the site to produce reports based on real incidents. Proper tracking, combined with the engine behind the site can help them generate powerful analytics and statistics. Some of the summary reports available to the public but most are available only to members (not even the Hazmat Fusion Center can view them).

The purpose of the site is to provide a centralized information source that can help all hazmat responders with timely information, trends and news that will make their jobs easier as well as help them save lives.