Hazmat Training Games

Want to test your employees to find out if they’ve actually learned anything after you’ve given them HazMat training? Here’s a fun way to do just that.

Head to http://www.hazmatsolutions.net/HazMatTrainingGames/index.htm and let them play the games to find out if they really do know the stuff. Match them against each other and give a prize for the highest score. How about the day off with pay for the one who does best? Let them know ahead of time that they’ll be competing for the prize. I can guarantee they’ll pay closer attention to the training.


Having fun with Safety

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Okay, here’s an idea I wish that I had had.

A safety training website (Safety.blr.com) has dropped the gauntlet and thrown out the challenge… Sign up on their website at http://oshachallenge.blr.com/ and you will receive a weekly email with a question for you to answer.

Sign up as many people as you can and compare score, challenge each other, etc…

Players are not only competing with others in their company, they are also competing for the prizes shown below:

For the OSHA Challenger at the top of the Leader Board and at the top of the Referral Board:
FREE One Year subscription to BLR’s 7-Minute Safety Trainer
A $299 Value!
For the next 4 OSHA Challengers on the Leader Board and the next 4 on the Referral Board:
FREE Audio Click ‘n Train: HazCom
A $149 Value!

This weeks’ question is:

This Week’s Question

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a report showing the increase in state smoke-free laws between 2005 and 2007. Which of the following are findings included in the report?
A) The study focused on worksites, restaurants, and bars where adult nonsmokers were most likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

B) According to CDC, the number of states with prohibitions rose from 8 to 25.

C) Both A and B.

Go to the OSHA Challenge website, sign up and start making learning about safety just a little bit more fun!