Another Wild Air New Zealand Safety Video

Air New Zealand seems to be having a lot of fun with their flight safety videos. Back in July 2006 we posted a link to their “Naked Truth” safety video in which everyone was nude and painted (though it is tastefully done and no actual nudity is visible). Then, in October 2014 they came out with their Hobbit themed video that made use of our middle earth friends to encourage in flight safety.

Apparently they got bored again because they’re back with a new Men in Black themed safety video. Check it out by clicking on the image below:


Virgin America Safety Video

This falls a little outside the usual blog post but it’s just too good to pass up.

Virgin American is following FAA protocol that says that passengers must be given clear safety instructions prior to the flight by changing it up a little. Instead of having the airline attendants standing there going through the same old routine that most of us have learned to tune out by the second or third time we board a plane, Virgin has started showing the following video. Pretty cool!