FR garment comfort factors increase user compliance

I have no idea who wrote this whitepaper as they didn’t sign it or put any information about themselves or the company they work for but it’s one of the best papers out there for anyone trying to figure out which OSHA Standard applies to them as it relates to FR garments.

It’s on the website and it’s entitled “FR garment comfort factors increase user compliance

The 6 page document is a must read for anyone dealing with FR garments.

ISO Standard for Protective Clothing

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A new ISO Standard (ISO 11612:2008, protective clothing-Clothing to protect against heat and flame) has just been realeased.

According to their website ( some of the new features included in this new standard include:

  • new terms and definitions
  • a chapter on clothing design
  • a minimum requirement heat resistance test
  • flame spread specifications for seams
  • modifications for pre-treatment and for dimensional change due to cleaning
  • strength of materials
  • guidance for the ergonomic assessment of protective clothing
  • optional requirements for water resistance and protection against electric arc
  • new marking requirements
  • information on risk assessment and prediction of burn injuries

To find out more about this new standard check out the ISO website.