Tracking Residential Fires

The US Fire Administration, a sub division of FEMA, has put together a great website designed to help track residential fire deaths.


Click on the image above to view the map on the FEMA site. You can click on any state (or click on the name of the state below the map) to view detailed reports of all residential fires from Jan. 1 2014 to Nov. 25, 2014.


Don’t Sleep with your Cell Phone

We’re a generation that can do without our mobile devices anymore. We text, tweet, check our email, play games and a lot more with our smart phones. Many people take it to bed with them, often falling asleep with it still in their hand or on the pillow next to them. Big mistake.

Check out this video on YouTube by Fox4 news about a 13-year old girl who almost got burned while she slept.


FR garment comfort factors increase user compliance

I have no idea who wrote this whitepaper as they didn’t sign it or put any information about themselves or the company they work for but it’s one of the best papers out there for anyone trying to figure out which OSHA Standard applies to them as it relates to FR garments.

It’s on the website and it’s entitled “FR garment comfort factors increase user compliance

The 6 page document is a must read for anyone dealing with FR garments.