New “Shipyard Employment” OSHA Fact Sheet

I only live about 10 minutes from one of the biggest shipyards in the USA. Probably about half of my friends and acquaintances work at that shipyard. I have two son-in-laws and both of them work at the shipyard so needless to say safety at the shipyard is important to me.


It’s apparently important to OSHA as well. They have just released a new Fact Sheet on “Shipyard Employment” outlining the unique dangers and hazards inherent in shipyards as well as outlining a plan to help keep workers safe.

You can download it here.

New OSHA Fact Sheet for Food Slicers and Meat Grinders

OSHA has just released a new fact sheet for food slicers and meat grinders intended to prevent amputations and serious cuts.


Meat grinders and food slicers are designed to grind and slice meat but all too often they slice, cut and grind the hands and fingers of those in the food industry who are operating the machines. 2013 saw some 4,000 reported incidents (not to mention the lesser cuts and injuries that went unreported).

The 3-page free pdf download entitled “Preventing Cuts and Amputations fromFood Slicers and Meat Grinders” contains photos, schematics and diagrams (as seen in the image above) to help make sense of procedures.