Preventing Eye Injury

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According to the NIOSH website ( about 2000 workers suffer a job related eye injury that requires medical treatment each and every day. Yes, that’s two thousand, not two hundred. “About one third of the injuries are treated in hospital emergency departments and more than 100 of these injuries result in one or more days of lost work.”

The nature of the injury varies, of course.
From small, airborne particles that just require a flushing to clear up to larger items like nails from a nail gun that result in loss of vision, most of these injuries can easily be avoided.

The thing that makes the above statistics so sad, is the fact that there simply isn’t any reason why they should exist at all.
The old days of goofy looking glasses available in only a couple of different tints, are long gone. There are now
hundreds of selections available.

Style: Just like sunglasses, there are now all kinds of different styles. Just find one that your workers like.

Tint: Where you are working will determine the tint that you need. There are special tints for indoor fluorescent lighting, tints for all the various outdoor conditions, even an Indoor/Outdoor tint to allow workers who go in and out all the time to be able to see after coming in from bright light to darker, indoor conditions.

Comfort: Many of today’s safety glasses have adjustable temples, comfort bridge nose pieces, etc… Not all faces are the same so it makes sense to be able to adjust the glass to fit the face.

Chemical and Thermal burns as well as laser applications require a more proactive approach and may necessitate goggles, faces Shields, welding goggles or Laser Eyewear.

Doing a simple Hazard Assessment for any given task should help determine the appropriate level and type of eye protection needed.
OSHA also requires eye wash stations be posted at appropriate locations in order to allow workers to be able to quickly flush their eyes when needed.

For workers that need reading glasses, do forget that Readers and Cheaters are also available in a variety of strengths.



Also… a quick note to remind you that the annual “SAFETY 08” show for all Safety Engineers is coming up in Las Vegas.

Dates: June 9-12, 2008

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