2016 Work Zone Awareness Week is April 11-15


It’s Work Zone Awareness Week and it couldn’t come at a better time. A new study out claims that drivers are distracted more than half the time they are on the road, which doubles their risk of a car crash. There’s no doubt about it: this week is an important one to encourage safe driving through highway work zones. While awareness is critical, workers unfortunately aren’t in control of whether a driver picks up that call and takes their eyes off the road for a split second.

To help improve worker visibility (and safety), ANSI/ISEA recently updated their 107 standard. Download and read our hi-vis “bright paper” to learn more struck-by stats, how the revised guidelines of the ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Standard helps improve worker visibility on roadways and other jobsites, and workplace best practices to keep you and your crew safe.

This week – but really every week – make a seen.


Heat Stress Training Document

The middle of February seems like a strange time to be talking about heat stress but this is the time to start preparing for summer, BEFORE the heat arrives.

Thankfully, Ergodyne has got you covered. They’ve put together a 30 pages document that you can use to train your employees and/or supervisors.

You can download it by clicking on the image below:


Win a Premium Standup Craftsman Toolbox from Ergodyne

And what, pray tell, is it saying? Oh, just that Ergodyne is giving away a premium standup Craftsman® Toolbox wrapped in special Kryptek® camo sure to bring out your inner tradesman (or tradeswoman) and make the neighbors’ heads snap faster than Joe Montana’s right arm on a good day.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in a $500 gift card to purchase shiny new tools to fill ‘er on up with your preferred brands. So go ahead and get started on that new tree house, hot rod, or 40,000 seat stadium, this box has got your name written all over it.


How much are wrist sprains and strains costing your company?

Sprains and strains continue to be the # 1 cause of lost time in the U.S. costing billions in lost productivity and workers compensation but it doesn’t have to be…The ProFlex® Line of Wrist Wraps, Supports, and Sleeves have been refreshed with brand spankin’ new designs, colors, and technology meant to make bending, straightening, and staying stationary easier than ever.Need a quick demo? Click play on any of the three videos below and get to know the new line, learn how to properly wear them, and see which model is best for specific applications.
Wrist Supports // Wraps – Click To Play

Cool New Product

As my regular readers will testify, I don’t often use this blog to “sell” products. I prefer to use it to inform on issues that relate to safety both in the workplace as well as at home.

I do, however, feel that I might have been remiss in not showing you new and cool products so I’m going to start highlighting products (whether we sell them or not) that I feel are cool and that I believe you might be interested in knowing about as well.

The new Ergodyne Glowear Powercap is a great place to start. What makes it so cool are the four tiny LED lights that are built into the bill of the cap.


You can barely see one set at the very tip of the cap on the photo above. Here’s a view from the underside:


The two sets of LED lights function independently to give you three different light settings:

1. There’s the low beams (Set #1) that are inset into the billl of the hat and that shine down for close-up work (Or for reading in bed when your partner is trying to sleep or when the power goes out!)

2. The high beams (Set #2) which are built into the rim of the bill and set to shine out further for long distances.

3. Both on at once (Set #1 & 2) for maximum illumination both up close and long distance.

Because LED lights require so little power all that is needed to power them are the small button batteries which means that adding light to the cap adds almost nothing in weight. Here’s a photo showing the small battery compartment hidden inside the brim of the cap.


Read more about or purchase this LED Powercap.


Proper Lifting Techniques Poster by Ergodyne

If you’ve got back injuries at work you know how much they are costing you. A simple pulled muscle can incompacitate a worker for several weeks leading to high costs in lost productivity, not to mention the medical bills involved.

Back supports may help somewhat but ultimately proper training, including reminding employees concerning the proper way to lift, is the most effective way to combat the problem.

Fortunately Ergodyne, one of the leaders in ergonomic PPE including the top back supports in the market is here to give a helping hand.

Check out the Ergodyne Back Support / How to Lift Poster for starters.


You can print it out, or if you want a larger copy, simply fill out the form below and I’ll send one out to you free of charge.

Additionally go have a look at Ergodyne’s impressive video library for short video clips on proper lifting techniques.

While you’re there, have a look around at the other videos available; you might find something else that you can use for training.

Offer Expires 12/31/2014

A Chance to Win an Arsenal Buddy System by Ergodyne

Is the bottom of your tool bag starting to look like a sharp and twisted snake pit? Then it is time to SHOW US YOUR MESS!

Share a photo of your tool mess with us by December 22, 2012 for a chance at winning the brand new Arsenal® Buddy System! The top three messes will be chosen by our crackerjack staff and will receive this productivity-enhancing new system. In order to win the GRAND prize, the three winners must promptly clean up their mess using the new Arsenal® Buddy System, snap a pic, and submit it to us by January 11, 2013 Our crew will then post it on Facebook and the pic with the most votes (“likes”) by January 21, 2013 wins an Arsenal® 5125 Carry-On Luggage!

Got it? Ready. Go.

Tenacious Command Center

ANSI 207 PSV Standard Revised for 2011

I received this technical bulletin from Ergodyne last week and thought I’d pass it along…



On October 17th, 2011, ANSI approved the ISEA revision of the 207 Standard for High-Visibility Public Safety Vests. The official designation is ANSI // ISEA 207-2011. Printed copies will be available for purchase through ISEA before the end of 2011.



One major change from ANSI //ISEA 207-2006 to ANSI // ISEA 207-2011 is the requirement for vests to have a total of at least 23.25 in² of reflective material on the combined front and back shoulder area. This change mirrors the revision that was made to ANSI 107-2010 and intends to provide visible reflective material even when the wearer bends at the waist. 



The 2011 revision of ANSI // ISEA 207 also seeks to provide clarity regarding ID panels, lettering and logos on pubic safety vests. This information is important as these garments are often logoed to meet the needs of police, fire and EMS personnel. Section 6.2 of the latest revision states that logos and other lettering covering an area less than 72 in² will not subtract from the amount of background material required in Table 1. Logos and other lettering may cover more than 72 in² of the total background material; however any amount over 72 in² will begin to count against the required amount of background material.

Additionally, lettering and logos may not cover more than 22 in² of reflective or combined performance material on ANSI // ISEA 207-2011 compliant public safety vests. 



So what does all this mean when it comes to GloWear®? It means that you and your customers can continue to sell the GloWear® 8244PSV and 8245PSV Public Safety Vests just like you have under the 2006 standard. All designs and logo configurations from Ergodyne that were compliant with ANSI // ISEA 207-2006 will continue to comply with the 2011 revision, and we have already begun the process of updating the PSV interior labels to reflect the new standard designation.


A PDF copy of this standard is available at

Download a FREE copy of “Heat Stress: Overview & Solutions” Webinar

Ergodyne, Sqwincher, EHS Today and CLMI Safety Training recently partnered to put on a webinar on Heat Stress. The webinar is now over and done but, for those of you who wish you’d been able to attend and need the information, it’s going to be available for download for the next 12 months.

In this webinar leading experts in the hydration and safety industries will discuss:

  • Causes, Symptoms and Costs of Heat Related Illness
  • The Evolving Regulatory Scene
  • Helpful Guides and Solutions

Register and download it here.

Who am I?

The average number of days away from the job because of me is 14.

I account for almost 10% of all on the job injuries.

On average I wind up costing $7,472.00 every time I strike.

Who am I?

According to an article on Ergodyne’s website the answer is “a knee injury”

Check out the article entitled “Taking Care of Your Knees at Work” to get more information about statistics, knee physiology, injury types and Risk factors and controls. Find out how and what to do to prevent knee injuries.

While the obvious answer is kneepads, you’ll be surprised at the other things that you can do to protect your knees.