Tools for Trainers and Organizers

Are you a trainer? Are you looking for tools to make your job easier and more effective?

If so, you need to check out The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health website. Mouse over the “resources” tab and click on “Tools for Trainers” and you’ll be taken to a page that will keep you busy for quite a while.

Here’s just a sample of what’s available on that page:

There’s a whole lot more as well as links to find even more material.
You’re welcome!

Free Job Safety Analysis Templates for over 68 Different Jobs

Last Friday, I sent you to for work permit templates. Today I’m sending you back there but this time rather than work permits it’s for job safety analysis templates.

Here’s the list:

Free Work Permit Templates to Download

Do you need a hot work permit template? How about a work at heights permit or a confined space permit? You could create your own but that just means a whole lot of work that you don’t have to do. Instead, just download and modify one of the following work permits from our friends are

Work at Height Permit

Sample 1  Sample 2  Sample 3  Sample 4  Sample 5  

Sample 6  Sample 7  Sample 8  Sample 9  Sample 10

Excavation Permit

Sample 1  Sample 2  Sample 3  Sample 4  Sample 5

Sample 6  Sample 7  Sample 8  Sample 9  Sample 10

Confined Space Entry Permit

Sample 1  Sample 2  Sample 3  Sample 4  Sample 5

Sample 6  Sample 7  Sample 8  Sample 9  Sample 10

If you use one of their templates, just drop them a line thanking them for all the time and money they saved you!

Great Website for Safety Stuff

Almost 4 years ago now I mentioned this website in one of my posts. The website in question is and having just revisited it I need to mention it again.


Start by reading their newest entry about 9 award-winning safety ideas for great ideas that you might think about implementing in your company. Then, check out the “Free Special Reports” in the right hand column on that same page. You can download:

Also check out the 12 Ways to Boost Workplace Safety free report listed below the free reports listed above.

As if that wasn’t enough, check out the rest of their website for all kinds of great posts and free stuff. Tell me I sent you. I don’t know who they are and get nothing for promoting them but part of what I do is try to help increase safety in the workplace and in the home and in that and I have a great deal in common.

Free PowerPoint Training Downloads

I often get emails from various people who would like me to post a link to something that they have online on our e-commerce website at We have a “links” section that we provide to help readers find resources to safety related topics, training material, downloads, documents, etc…

Most of the time I simply delete them because they are either not really relevant or there simply isn’t enough material there for me to feel that it is of value to our readers (or, as is also often the case, it has absolutely nothing to do with safety and they are just trying to get links to rank better in Google). This past week, however, I got an email from Matthew Pelletier who is director of marketing at Compliance and Safety mentioning the fact  that they have a section of their website where people can view and download free training PowerPoints. He thought it would be a good addition to our links section and, after checking it out, I agree.

They’ve done a great job and have collected 5 different PowerPoints for you.

Check them out for yourself at

Thanks Matthew!

Fall Protection Training Videos by Capital Safety

It’s here! The brand new “Thinking About Fall Protection” video!

Thinking About Fall Protection introduces you to all aspects of fall protection and industry safety require-ments. You’ll have the confidence of being provided with fall protection knowledge ranging from compliant to expert solutions.
This 30 minute video is broken down into 11 chapters, listed below. You can view these segments in a number of ways. They are available on the Capital Safety YouTube Channel but they can also be downloaded and saved to your computer by clicking on the DOWNLOAD links below. Choose from Windows Media or an iPod/iPad optimized MP4. NOTE: The MP4 Download link will prompt you to download a .zip file.

Download Link Here!

Napo’s Films – Free, Funny Safety Training videos

Have you met Napo yet? Napo is a computer animation who walks around doing stupid stuff and ends up getting himself in all kinds of trouble. He blows himself up, slips and falls and pretty much has every accident imaginable in order to help you train your workers concerning workplace safety.

Part of the reason that Napo is a great training resource is that Napo doesn’t actually speak any known language (he mumbles intelligible stuff throughout the clips) relying instead on actions and signs to communicate. This makes Napo great for training in workplaces where you have a number of non-english speaking workers.

Check out Napo’s Safety films.


The movies are available as a free download in Avi, Mp4, Ogv, WebM, or Wmv formats and there are a lot of them. Most are only a couple of minutes long but they do the job in communicating the hazard.


White Noise for those with Tinnitus

If you’ve got tinnitus, a condition that results from having damaged cochlea from too much exposure to noise, than Stanford university wants to help you. Even if you don’t, the sounds that they provide on their Tinnitus Masker web page, can be used to “sleep, think, study, meditate, read or concentrate. The sounds will induce a relaxed state and evoke a feeling of warmth. If you are in an office environment, these sounds will keep you from being distracted by people talking or background music.

Here’s the list of MP3s that you can download and listen to, either from your PC or on an MP3 player:

Compression (above) introduces slightly audible high frequency artifacts which are absent from the original sounds.
The original (not compressed) true stereo sounds are here: