Free Guide to Effective EHS Training


From our friends at Convergence Training…

“If you’re in EHS, you’re probably also in EHS training. If so, you’re going to LOVE the free downloadable guide at the bottom of this article.

The guide is going to walk you through all the steps of having a top-notch EHS training program that follows best practices. We think it will make your job easier and your workplace a safer, healthier place.

Hope you enjoy it. You can download it now, or you can read the short preview article we’ve prepared for you below and download it from the bottom of this page. Such a life-so many options!”

Free Hot Work Training Module

From our friends at convergence training….

According to the Chemical Safety Board, at least 60 people have died as a result of explosions and fires caused by hot work since 1990. That’s about three people every year.

Because hot work accidents can lead to such tragic ends, we’ve created a free hot work training module for you. It includes images from our own 3D-animated Hot Work training modules, the Chemical Safety Board’s “Dangers of Hot Work” video, and some interactive wizardry we’ve programmed specially for this occasion.

Don’t forget we’ve got two separate, full-length, 3D-animated “hot work” training courses in our health and safety training library–one on Hot Work Safety, and a second on Hot Work Permits. Need more information from Convergence Training about hot work training or any other training need? Drop us a line to request a demo.

We hope you enjoy this. Don’t forget you can play the game here now, bookmark the site and come back to play it again later, or click the download button below to download a version in SCORM and import it into your SCORM-compliant LMS. (If you don’t have a SCORM-compliant LMS, check out the family of Convergence learning management systems).

NOTE: Please read that last paragraph closely. The download you’ll get is a zipped folder in a format called SCORM. Once you’ve downloaded it, you cannot open the folder and play it without first importing it into a learning management system (LMS).

Need more information? Here’s more information about learning management systems.

Conduct Your Own Accident Investigation with this Cool Module

Our friends at Convergence Training have come up with a fun way to learn more about safety in general and accident investigation specifically.

This particular investigation is centered around a true life phosgene fatality but the tools and lessons apply to safety in general. What the module does is to teach how to identify specific safety issues before they become an issue.

You can either download the training module as a zipped file to install and use on your computer during a safety meeting or for individual users or you can view and walk through the investigation online. To view the module online or to download the module simply click on the image below to go to the Convergence Training blog page.


GHS Quiz to test knowledge

Want to know if your employees have understood the new GHS for chemical labelling?

Here’s a fun way for them to review the new regulations as well as take a fun quiz that’ll show how much (or how little) they really know.

Provided by Jeff Dalto from Convergence Training this online presentation combines information and fun.

Give it a try!


Powered Industrial Truck Checklists

From our good friends at Convergence Training comes another collection of Powered Industrial Truck Checklists for Safety and Operations.  Available for Internal Combustion Powered Industrial Trucks as well as for Electric Powered Industrial Trucks and available in MS Word, Excel, PDF or in the proprietary LMS Tasklist for the Convergence Learning Management System, you’re bound to find something that will work for you.

Check it out at


Convergence Training has, among other things, a complete collection of over 107 safety videos to help train your employees.

Respiratory Protection Glossary by Convergence Training

So far, Convergence Training has brought us the following glossaries which we have posted here on this blog:

Ladders Glossary
Lockout/Tagout Glossary
Electrical Glossary

Here’s their latest offering, the Respiratory Protection Glossary

Again, you can bookmark it to view it online or download it so that you got it with you whether or not you have an internet connection.
Thanks Jeffrey Dalto!

Free Ladders Glossary from Convergence

We’ve already provided links in this blog to at least two other Convergence Training Glossaries. The first was the Electrical Glossary, the second was the Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout/Tagout Glossary.

Now, they’re back with a new free, downloadable Ladders Glossary.

Check out the Convergence Training page for this glossary to use it online as well as to access numerous links and documents related to ladder safety.

New Free Glossary from Convergence Training

Back on November 7th, I posted about convergence training’s free Electrical Glossary.
They’ve now posted a Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout/Tagout Glossary as well (They tell me that they are going to try to post a few more before the end of the year so I’ll make sure and keep you up-to-date when they come out with a new one).

Again, you can bookmark it to come back to whenever you need it or you can download it to have available whether you are online or offline (extremely handy if you end up needing some information when you are out in the field with no Wi-fi around).