Supreme Court Blocks the Obama Administration


On June 2, 2014, the EPA, in an attempt to help the Obama Climate Action Plan, came out with the Clean Power Plan Proposal which sought to cut emissions from the coal mining power plants. Two months later, in August 2014, 12 states filed a case against the EPA claiming that the costs of reducing emissions as much as the EPA was requesting would cost jobs and possibly force closures.

This past Monday the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA hadn’t adequately studied the cost of the proposed plan and ruled against the EPA essentially telling them to rewrite the plan with proper assessments and analysis with regards to costs.

The Supreme Court chided the EPA, telling them that they cannot simply write out plans and proposals without first considering the costs in time, money and jobs, calling the EPA “out-of-control”.

Needless to say, the EPA was no happy about the decision, claiming that most of the power plants were already well on their way to being compliant.

How your co-workers’ smoking could kill you!

Donald Adams has probably heard that smoking is bad for your health; he’s probably heard that second hand smoke is bad for the health of those around him as well. He apparently doesn’t care. In fact, he doesn’t even care if his smoking starts a combustible dust explosion, as long as he can get his nicotine fix because Mr. Adams decided to light up and have a cigarette while underground in a cold mine in Pennsylvania.

You can read the full story at the website. The article is entitled Idiot of the week: Miner charged with smoking in underground mine.

Interestingly, Mr. Adams admit that the cigarette butt that they found in the mine, deep underground is actually his but he denies smoking it. Not quite sure how that would work!