Safety Data from the American Government


“ is a new open government initiative to increase awareness of and deepening insights into our Nation’s public safety activities. The Safety Community is where data and insight are combined to facilitate a discussion around and awareness of our Nation’s public safety activities. Whether you are interested in crime, roadway safety, or safety in the workplace, we have something for you. Check out the data, browse and use the apps, and join the conversation!”

The site includes an “Apps” section where you can download mobile apps for locating a child safety seat inspection station, an app to alert you about any and all recalls, an app to provide an efficient way to view and access the safety performance of commercial motor carriers and an app designed to assist first responders on a hazardous material spill. Other apps are going to be added as they become available.

There is also a tab entitled “Data/Tools” which provides a listing of date sets and tools spanning a variety of topics in public safety. Categories range from consumer safety stats and recalls to crime data and highway safety.

They have a blog as well, though at the time of this post there were only two entries, the site being brand new. It is certainly a blog that you’ll want to bookmark and keep an eye on.

There are tabs for “challenges”, “Resources” as well as “Forums”.
Rather than have me talk about it any more, however, I’ll let you check it out for youself

OSHA Blog… Today’s post, the Rule of Ten

There’s a blog that I want to call your attention to because it’s one that, if you have anything to do with safety, you should know about. It’s Written by a team of professionals, mostly related to OSHA laws and enforcement, it is updated pretty regularly and contains a lot of really great information regarding OSHA, OSHA enforcement and all the applicable laws and regulations that go with it.

Today’s blog post, for example, is about the so-called “Role of Ten” which many people mistakenly believe to mean that OSHA has no jurisdiction over businesses that have 10 or fewer employees. Eric J. Conn and Amanda R. Strainis-Walker put together an overview of what the Rule of Ten means and what it doesn’t mean.

Good stuff!

Highlighting another great safety blog

I came across another great blog on safety training and safety in the workplace and wanted to let you know about it.

It comes out of Australia and focuses primarily on Induction training. It contains a lot of great contain, especially for those of you who are involved in training.

A sample of some of the posts available include:

There is a lot of great content here so spent some time looking around, those you train will thank you.