Don’t Sleep with your Cell Phone

We’re a generation that can do without our mobile devices anymore. We text, tweet, check our email, play games and a lot more with our smart phones. Many people take it to bed with them, often falling asleep with it still in their hand or on the pillow next to them. Big mistake.

Check out this video on YouTube by Fox4 news about a 13-year old girl who almost got burned while she slept.


Children and Button Battery Safety

Sometimes good things don’t necessarily come in small packages. In this age of miniaturization, button batteries have become more and more common as replacements for the larger size batteries that have been around for decades. That’s all fine and good except that parents don’t realize that they are inadvertently leaving these batteries within easy reach of small children and that these button batteries are a potential health hazard.

Many remotes, for example, now have the button batteries. The remotes aren’t typically things that parents think to try to keep away from infants and toddlers. Children, however, can get into these remotes and before you know it they’ve swallowed the battery.

Energizer Battery company is teaming up with Safe Kids USA to try to help raise awareness of a growing threat to child safety.

An article on CBS News reports that “Eleven children have died after swallowing button batteries over the past six years, and the National Capital Poison Center said about 3,500 swallowing cases are reported annually in the U.S. The U.S.”

Energizer and Safe Kids USA is trying to help parents and care givers understand the need to keep button batteries away from small children. Keep them in their original packaging until you need to use them (Energizer is presently working to make the packages more difficult for children to get into) and make sure that you keep any items that contain button batteries out of children’s reach. This often includes remotes.