FDA Proposes Ban on Powdered Medical Gloves


On March 21st the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it intended to ban powdered medical gloves.

The powder used in powdered gloves is used to make the gloves easier to put on and take off. The powder, however, carry proteins that can cause respiratory allergic reactions in some people.

Medical personel (Doctors, nurses, etc…) are the ones most at risk but patients are also at risk and, as is often the case, trade one medical problem for another when they end up having respiratory issues because of the protein in the powdered gloves used by the medical staff.

The ban, at this time, extends only to medical powdered gloves and does not include powdered gloves in other areas.

Should Latex be banned?

According to a petition by Public Citizen, an advocacy group, the answer to the question “Should latex be banned?” is a clear, resounding “YES!”

This is the second time that Public Citizen has petitioned the FDA to “ban the use of all natural latex rubber surgeon’s and patient examination gloves, because of the serious threat posed by these products to patients and healthcare workers…” They cite the ready availability of alternate products as one more reason why it should happen.

The last time they petitioned the FDA, back in January of 1998, the FDA refused because they figured it would be too expensive to implement. Public Citizen now believes that with the technological advances in the past 13 years, this is no longer an objection.

You can view the petition online here.

What do you think?