New Arc Flash Warning Symbol


Have you seen this symbol before? Probably not and for good reason. It’s new and it’s important. This is the new symbol adopted by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO)  to denote a potential danger from arc flash.

It will doubtlessly take a while to roll out and start showing up on electrical boxes and generators but if and when you do see it either stay clear or, if you do need to work on the panel, make sure you are wearing the appropriate PPE designed for that level of potential arc flash.

Donnie’s Story

Next time you need to teach your employees about arc flash protection, head over to and download the video about Donnie’s arc flash accident. There are a couple of different ones to choose from but all of them speak volumes through images and testimonials about why anyone working with electricity needs to be wearing PPE.


OSHA 1910.269 Compliance Date Approaching

Enforcement on the OSHA 1910.269  regulations on flame resistant clothing, arc flash hazard analysis and arc rated protective clothing was originally supposed to be set for the first of this year. The date was originally pushed back and the new date is right around the corner.

OSHA officials have said that they won’t be issuing citations before April 1st 2015 but with April less than 3 weeks away it’s important for employers to think about making sure that they have done the hazard analysis and are providing the right clothing and PPE for their employees.

The bottom line is that OSHA 1910.269 says that employers need to know what arc flash and potential flame hazards workers might be exposed to in the course of their job and make sure that their employees have the adequate protection.

For more information on OSHA 1910.269 click here.

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Free Beta Software for Calculating Arc Flash

If you are involved with electrical work you need to check out the blog at

It focuses exclusively on arc flash, its dangers, prevention, etc… Additionally, they’ve got a free beta version of an arc flash calculation software that you can download free in exchange for feedback.

Arcad, the company that provides this blog and free software “helps facilities create safer working environments for individuals who service electrical systems by providing On-Line and PC based software tools for Short Circuit and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis. NFPA requires that any panel likely to be serviced by a worker be surveyed and labeled. ARCAD service includes resources and tools allowing plant and facility managers and personnel to perform short circuit, incident energy, arc flash protection boundary, level of PPE calculations, and create customized arc flash warning labels themselves drastically reducing the cost of getting in compliance with OSHA & NFPA 70E”

Have a look around (It’s a Canadian company but the information applies here in the U.S. as well), and download the free software. Don’t forget to go back and give them feedback, it’s the least you can do to thank them for the free download.