Toolbox Talks App

Imagine having 850 different safety meeting topics and toolbox talks available at your fingertips any time you want them. A new smartphone, PC or tablet app gives you exactly that.


From the website:

Safety Meeting App is the Premiere Provider of OSHA Safety Meetings.

Record Incident/Accident

Meets OSHA’s Required Meeting Laws

950+ Safety Meeting Topics – View List of Topics

Spanish & English Topics (new)

 Access from your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Print & Download PDF Reports (new)

Date Stamps each Safety Meeting

Covers a Variety of Trade Types

Record Disciplinary Actions with Digital Signatures

Record Active/Inactive Employees

One Account For the Whole Company

The Safety Meeting App is perfect for:
General, Trade/Specialty, and Sub-Contractors who work on Residential & Commercial projects. It’s been proven to work for small & large corporations alike.

The Safety Meeting App allows you to:
Easily store current & past meetings in the event they are needed. Records are stored electronically.

Download a 30-day trial of the safety meeting app

Seven Dangerous Apps You Don’t Want on You Kids Phone

Kristin Peaks is the Senior Digital & Social Media specialist at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, Texas.


Part of what she does is to keep an eye on Social media sites as well as stay educated about the new apps that are out there to be downloaded. She’s identified seven apps that you definitely DO NOT want your children to have on their smart phone.

Have a look at her article “7 dangerous Apps that parents need to know about

New App from the Red Cross Warns of Floods

From the Red Cross Website…

App’s audio flood and flash flood alerts can help save lives

The American Red Cross today announced its new Flood App to help save lives and reduce losses from floods and flash floods.

This free app gives iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone users instant access to local and real-time information, so they know what to do before, during and after a flood. The content is available in English and Spanish based on the user’s language settings on their mobile device. The app includes location-based, audible NOAA flood and flash flood watches and warnings – even if the app is closed.

“The alerts in the app will help save lives by notifying people so they can gather their loved ones and head to safety,” said Jim Judge, preparedness expert, member of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Committee and chair of its Preparedness Sub-Council. “Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States, so it’s important for people to know what supplies to have on hand and what to do if an event occurs.”

Other features of the app include:

  • One-touch “I’m safe” messaging that allows users to send a message letting family and friends know that they are out of harm’s way;
  • Preloaded content that gives users instant access to critical action steps, even without mobile connectivity;
  • Toolkit with flashlight, strobe light and audible alarm to let others know where you are;
  • Locations of open Red Cross shelters;
  • Real-time recovery resources for returning home and cleaning up; and
  • Badges users can earn through interactive quizzes and share on social networks.

The new Red Cross Flood App is being released during National Flood Safety Awareness Week, which runs from March 16-22.

To read more and to download the app go to:

WatchMe911 Phone App

WatchMe911 is one very cool app when it comes to personal security and safety. Once installed on your smart phone it might just become your favorite app and potentially a life-saver.


It has 4 different icons:

1. Monitor Me – Turn this on when you’re going somewhere you aren’t feeling comfortable. Say you’re going to look at a car that you might be interested in purchasing and you’ve got to go to the sellers’ home to look at it. A timer is activated and if you don’t deactivate it the contacts that you’ve set up on the app are sent a text message letting them know that you haven’t responded. Because the message is on the cloud it goes through even if your phone is turned off or you have no reception. This app is great for you joggers out there. Turn it on when you start and turn it off when you get home. If the timer isn’t deactivated, your contacts also are sent a map  of your location.

2. Panic – Once activated a simple double tap sends a distress call to 911 along with a map so they know where to find you.

3. I’ve Arrived – In an ideal world we always call our loved ones when we arrive somewhere, especially after a long trip. In a realistic world we don’t always have time. This app solves that problem. Tap the icon three times and it sends your contacts a message with a map and GPS location letting them know you’ve arrived safely. Great for business travelers, college kids, etc…

4. Call 911 only – This is for those of you who don’t want to pay for the other three functions. This one is always 100% free. It essentially functions the same as the “panic” function but it’s a stand alone function that doesn’t include the other two functions.

Read more about this app at

Vote on the DOL Worker Safety and Health App Challenge

Back in August of this year, we posted about the DOL Worker Safety and Health App Challenge designed by the department of Labor to promote safety, especially to the younger workers.

The competition is now closed and it’s up to you to decide who’s app deserves the $15,000 Grand Prize, as well as the other three awards (2 of which are worth $6,000 and 1 of which is worth $3,000).

Head to and vote.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll be voting on:

Hear Me Now –

Teens Lead at Work –

NIOSH Lift Index App –

Safe Hard Hat

That’s just 4 of the 21 submssions you can view and vote on.

Safety Apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android Device

If you have an iPhone, and iPad or an Android device, you are by now well aware of the number of apps that you can download to do everything from using your device to make sure something is level to playing angry birds.

As a safety officer, your boss probably won’t be overjoyed to see you using the later app during business hours and he might rethink letting you even have your mobile device at all. Instead, you can show him how necessary you iPhone really is when you use it to make your job easier and more automated.

I’ve sent you over to Dave Weber’s site before and I’m going to do so again. Today I want to send you to his Safety Apps page where you’ll find a nice list of apps that you can download for your iPhone, and iPad or Android device.

Here are a few that I’ve copied from that page to whet your appetite and get you to go visit and download some of the apps that he’s linking to:

SafetyNet – The SafetyNet app from Predictive Solutions allows customers to predict, and ultimately prevent, workplace injuries. First, the app allows customers to conduct inspections and collect workplace safety observations from their job sites. Next, the app synchs these observations with the SafetyNet web application where advanced and predictive analytics are performed on the data. The SafetyNet predictive analytics helps customers identify where they are most likely to have a safety incident or injury, and then report and communicate that information to their work teams and management.¹

ChemAlert ChemAlert for iPhone and iPad now brings the trusted name of ChemAlert to the world of mobiles. Key chemical safety management information including Hazards and GHS Classifications, Risk and Safety Phrases, First Aid information and recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is now be available at your fingertips.¹

FallProof The new Fall Distance Calculator app from FallProof Networks helps safety professionals in the field, protect workers from falls. This easy to use app, helps to accurately calculate the required fall clearance based upon the equipment being used and the height of the anchorage point.¹

Sound Meter SoundMeter turns your iOS device into a handheld sound level meter (SLM). The built-in and headset microphones are suitable for certain, basic sound level measurements, but high precision external microphones may also be used with appropriate interface hardware.¹

Pocket First Aid Updated to reflect The American Heart Association Guidelines on CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Reorganized content to make it easier to find help in an emergency. All content provided by the American Heart Association, the nations oldest and largest voluntary health organization.¹

iAuditor Completely free, fully customisable workplace audits for every industry and application. Perform workplace safety audits, pre-start checks and inspections faster and easier.

Professional Safety Journal (only for ASSE members) ASSE is pleased to announce that mobile apps are now available for Professional Safety, its highly rated monthly journal. Get instant access to the journal from your Droid. Scroll through the pages, click through links to find more information or to connect with an advertiser. Members/Subscribers: Once you download and install the app, youll need to log in with your member number/customer id and password (last name).

I just listed 7 of the more than 40 apps that he lists on his apps page so head over there and show your boss that the money he is spending for your mobile device is money well spent… if he isn’t paying for your mobile device this might be a great way to convince him that you should be able to expense it! Thanks Dave Weber!

A Whole Mess of Free Safety Stuff

Everyone likes FREE! Free is good, so you’re going to love the link I’m going to provide today because it’s a website on which everything is free and everything relates to safety.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find there: