OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App

From the CDC website…


The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool is a useful resource for planning outdoor work activities based on how hot it feels throughout the day. Featuring real-time heat index and hourly forecasts, specific to your location, as well as occupational safety and health recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH.

The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool features:

  • A visual indicator of the current heat index and associated risk levels specific to your current geographical location
  • Precautionary recommendations specific to heat index-associated risk levels
  • An interactive, hourly forecast of heat index values, risk level, and recommendations for planning outdoor work activities in advance
  • Editable location, temperature, and humidity controls for calculation of variable conditions
  • Signs and symptoms and first aid information for heat-related illnesses

Find out more and download the app here.

Miller Fall Clearance App

From Miller Fall Protection by Honeywell…

The great tool you have been using online is NOW available as an app – making it possible to calculate your fall clearance on any mobile device.

  • Real-time fall clearance results with animation
  • Fall clearance calculations at your fingertips
  • Lanyard and SRL calculations, including swing fall
  • Ability to email results
  • Multilingual support in English, Spanish and French with metric conversion
  • Available for download on both Apple and Android devices

Aerial Lift Hazard Recognition Software

There are a lot of apps and pieces of software out there but when it’s NIOSH who puts it out it’s time to pay attention.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has just released the NIOSH Aerial Lift Hazard Recognition Simulator designed to help simulate potential hazards for companies using aerial lifts, including scissor lifts.

To sweeten the pot, NIOSH is giving it away for free.

“The Simulator, available at no cost, provides a realistic workplace with multiple, dangerous hazard types that users must navigate. Experienced aerial lift operators can refresh their knowledge, and new operators can familiarize themselves with hazards they may encounter on the job”


Download the software in zipped format, install it on your tablet or PC and start improving aerial lift safety at your company while having fun.

Gotta Love Waze

Do you have the Waze app on your phone? I do and I love it. It lets me know when traffic is building and gives me alternate routes so that I don’t have to sit in traffic. It lets me know when there are hazards in the road. It lets me know exactly how long my trip is going to take and how many miles it is. It has become indispensable to my morning commute.

Now, if you have small children in tow, Waze just gave you one more reason to download it and install it on your phone. Now you can get Waze to remind you, once you get to your destination, to make sure you haven’t left your child in the car (or your pet!).Child-Screen-Device-1

The optional feature just became available last Thursday and should automatically update if you’ve got the Waze app installed. Just go into your settings and turn the feature on. It’ll even allow you to input your child’s name for a more personalized message.

If you don’t have small children, just don’t turn the feature on. If you do, turn it on and it’ll remind you, once you get to where you’re going to check your vehicle for your child.

Pretty cool. This will hopefully cut down on infant deaths in vehicles left in the sun. Since 1987 there have been 37 fatalities. There was another one last week when a father left his twin 15 month old children in the car.

OSHA Whistleblower App

What do you do if you suspect that your employer is putting you or someone else in harm’s way but doesn’t want to listen when you voice your concern? What about if you witness safety violation and are told not to make trouble?

Things are about to get a whole lot easier with a new app that is being developed by OSHA. According to this post on the Safety First Consulting, SeeClick Fix has been contracted to develop the app.


See a problem? Simply snap a photo and take a short video with your smart phone, open the app and submit it using the app. When OSHA gets the complain they channel it to the appropriate department.

Find out what you can do, as an employer, to prepare for this “Whistleblower App” on the Safety First Consulting Blog.

New App for People who Struggle with Suicidal Thoughts

The number one cause of death among teenagers in Utah is suicide and it has Utah State Senator, Daniel Thatcher concerned enough to do something about it.


The State of Utah has created a smartphone app entitled “SafeUT Crisis and Safety” designed to keep crucial hot line numbers right there on their screen.

The hope is that, while a teen in crisis isn’t going to take the time to Google “suicide crisis phone number” along with their state when they are feeling suicidal, they just might dial the hot line suicide number if it’s already on their phone and readily available.

A simple tap on the app will connect them to a 24-hour crisis counselor whom they can talk to when life seems at it’s worse. Counselors can follow up with the student if the student desires. Everything remains confidential.

Presently only available in Utah, one can only hope that all other states follow suit.

NECA PPE Selector App

From the necanet.org press release

Based on 2015 NFPA 70E to Help Field and Office Personnel Stay Safe

NECA_PPE_App_2015_iconThe National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) announces the release of its 2015 Personal Protect Equipment (PPE) Selector App, based on the 2015 edition of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and designed after NECA’s popular print publication, NECA’s NFPA 70E PPE Selector.

The app is available for $9.99 in iTunes and Google Play stores for both mobile and tablet devices.

“NECA is very excited about this version of the PPE Selector app and the information provided to personnel. By providing the rubber glove charts in addition to the clothing and equipment provided in PPE categories, an electrician can easily determine what he or she needs to wear while working around energized equipment,” Wes Wheeler, NECA Director of Safety.

PPE_deviceThis popular guide was developed by NECA to assist the industry in understanding and applying the personal protective requirements of NFPA 70E and it has become one of NECA’s best-selling publications due to its practicality and design which facilitates employees make sure all safety work practices are applied. The content is based on the information contained in the standard. This guide is not designated as a replacement for the NFPA standard but only to serve as a quick reference for contractors working in the field.

NECA is very excited about this version of the PPE Selector app and the information provided to personnel. By providing the rubber glove charts in addition to the clothing and equipment provided in PPE categories, an electrician can easily determine what he or she needs to wear while working around energized equipment,” Wes Wheeler, NECA Director Safety.

This easy-to-use and informative app is meant to help electricians and supervisors determine the appropriate personal protective equipment to wear when there is a need to work around energized circuits.

By providing the Risk Assessment guidelines found in NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace for shock and arc flash hazards, personnel can now choose the right PPE for the tasks they will be performing.

Priced at $9.99, the new 2015 NECA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selector app is available for sale through the iTunes and Google Play stores for both mobile and tablet devices, visit necanet.org/PPEapp for more information and/or to download the app

Heads Up App to Help Diagnose and Deal with Football Concussions

If you’ve got friend or family member who plays football, you probably worry, knowing how common brain injuries can be in this sport.

The CDC wants to help. “Whether you are a parent, youth sports coach, high school coach, school professional, or health care provider, this site will help you recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion or other serious brain injury.

To do this they have created “Heads Up” an apps to teach you how to detect, respond to, recover from, and help prevent concussions.

Head to http://www.cdc.gov/HEADSUP/ to find out more about protection our kids from concussions and to download the Heads Up app.


New USDA ‘FoodKeeper’ App: Your Tool for Smart Food Storage

My wife and I just got through watching a documentary entitled “Just Eat it“. It talks about the amount of food that is wasted in the US (almost 40%) and the world (almost 30%). That means that of the food that is grown, raised, prepared, packaged, etc… 40% of it ends up being discarded.

By far the worst culprit is the individual household. We over-purchase (Thanks Costco) and end up throwing a lot of the food away, thinking it is no longer good to eat. Part of it is the confusion has to do with consumers not understanding the dates on the products that they purchase. There is, of course, the “sell by” date which only means that the store should try to sell it by this date to ensure that the consumer has a reasonable shelf life let on the item after he or she gets it home. There’s also the “Best used by” date which means that the manufacturer would prefer it to be consumed by that date in order to make sure the consumer gets the best tasting product possible. It might still be good for another 3 weeks or so, depending on the product but consumers see this date and think that they’re going to get food poisoning if they eat it one minute past midnight on that date.

Fortunately, the USDA, in an effort to curb food waste, has come up with an App for your portable device that will help you know if your food should be tossed or if it is still safe to consume it.


The Foodkeeper app is available from the USDA website. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Application Features

The FoodKeeper application offers users valuable storage advice about more than 400 food and beverage items, including various types of baby food, dairy products and eggs, meat, poultry, produce, seafood, and more. With the application you can:

  • Find specific storage timelines for the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, depending on the nature of the product;
  • Get cooking tips for cooking methods of meat, poultry and seafood products;
  • Note in your devices’ calendar when products were purchased and receive notifications when they are nearing the end of their recommended storage date;
  • Search the application with swipe gestures or voice control; and,
  • Submit a question to USDA using the ‘Ask Karen’ feature of the application. ‘Ask Karen’ is USDA’s 24/7 virtual representative. The system provides information about preventing foodborne illness, safe food handling and storage, and safe preparation of meat, poultry, and egg products.

– See more at: http://blogs.usda.gov/2015/04/02/new-usda-foodkeeper-app-your-new-tool-for-smart-food-storage/#sthash.n6RocXjy.dpuf