EMTs not “Licensed Healthcare Profesionals”

Jeff Bezo, president and CEO of Amazon, was sent a letter by the U.S. Department of Labor a couple of weeks ago warning him to stop using AMCARE, their in-plant medical unit which is staffed with EMTs to provide medical care. EMTs are only supposed to provide first aid, nothing more.

In the letter the DOL states “After reviewing relevant facts pertaining to this case, it has been determined the AMCARE is providing medical care beyond first aid.” The letter goes on to specify that EMTs are not licensed to practice medical care independently as per the state laws. “AMCARE personnel were providing medical care beyond what is allowed by their licensing and certification without the supervision of a board certified qualified medical professional licensed to practice independently.”

Bottom line is that EMTs are only allowed to provide first aid as well as provide referrals to an outside health care provider when necessary.

You can read the entire warning letter here.

Beware of Counterfeit Products Online

Millions of people go online to shop for Christmas presents this year. Brick and mortar retailers are showing significant drops in walk in customers and it’s primarily attributed to online stores like Ebay and Amazon.

It is, of course, attractive to shop online. No long trips to the mall, no waiting in line to check out, no wondering if you might have got the same items cheaper somewhere else… but it also comes at a price.

There are millions of counterfeit products being sold online each year. Unless you are purchasing from a reputable dealer or retail store you risk not getting the quality that you are paying for and worse, the item you purchased might not be safe.

Check out this video from England where they tested a real Nutribullet (we’ve had one for about 3 years now and use it every single day. I highly recommend it) and a fake Nutribullet.

As you can see in the image above (just click on it to watch the test), you really can’t tell the one from the other; they look absolutely identical.

Anyone and everyone can sell their products on Ebay and Amazon. There is no guarantee that if you purchase something from them, you are aren’t getting a counterfeit product. Beware of fake, and dangerous counterfeit products, purchase these type of products from a trusted retail store like Target or Costco.