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“The only up-side to an accident is to perform a thorough study of it with hopes of preventing any more like it. This is why the accident investigation process is so important. It needs a structured, standard approach. This means having standard instructions in place and followed for all accident investigations. Your guide should outline from start to finish what to do for the accident investigation. Keep it simple and easy to follow.

Accident investigation structure example:

  • Fill out accident report form including statement from injured worker and witnesses
  • Visit accident site: address any exposed hazards. This might require a short term fix
  • Collect evidence from accident site (include taking pictures)
  • Review all evidence and perform root cause analysis
  • Complete the report including the root cause and new control measure and file as needed
  • Record accident data on spread sheet to look for trends (Over the years, this data will be helpful and should show safety progress)
  • Schedule 30, 60, 90 day reviews on control measure to make sure it is effective. You’ll find this takes little time

It does not matter how big your business is. When an employee is injured or a near miss occurs, we owe it to all workers to perform the best investigation we can. We must do everything in our power to make sure all apparent safety issues are addressed.”

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Scaffold Collapse in Raleigh NC kills 3, injures at least one other

A scaffold platform fell from a construction site in Raleigh North Carolina yesterday as workers for the scaffolding company were  dismantling it.  The scaffold platform was 11 stories up and crashed into the Charter Square Project below. It is thought that four workers were on the scaffold at the time. Another workers was thought to be in the portable toilet when a piece of the scaffolding crushed it.

It is unclear at this time who was killed and where they were at the time of the accident.

Part of the scaffolding crashed through the glass wall of the building across the street, sticking out and hanging over the street below.

The collapse occured as employees of Associated Scaffolding were working on dismantling the mast climbers which is used to get workers up and down on the scaffold.


Cost of Incident Calculator

Have you ever wondered exactly how much the incidents in your company are actually costing you? Maybe you have a hard time convincing management that the cost of the measure you’re trying to put into place is justified because of the amount of money it will save but you need exact numbers.

The folks at Safe-Staff ( have put together an online cost calculator to answer that question for you. Enter the number of incidents you have a week, the amount of timeyou spend recording, tracking and reporting each incident and the hourly rate the person managing the incident is paid and the calculator will give you a number.

Here’s a hint… the number is going to be a lot higher than you originally thought; in fact, with only one incident a week, your annual cost is almost 2 million dollars.


Accident Investigation Form

When disaster strikes, it’s a bit late to start scrambling around looking for the forms that you need.

Fortunately, has got you covered as far as having an accident investigation form on hand.

Download the free form. It walks you through:

  • Determining what warrants an accident investigation
  • Basic, direct and indirect causes of an accident
  • How to get the facts (fact finding)
  • How to conduct the interviews
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Reporting the incident

Keep this form on hand or adapt it for your own company. It makes sense to have this information in one place. When an accident happens most of us are more than likely to forget one or more of the steps and procedures. Using this checklist just makes good sense.

OSHA Proposes Change to Accident Reporting

On June 22nd, OSHA published a proposed change to reporting of workplace accidents and fatalities. Under the existing rule, employers must report any fatality or any accident that results in the hospitalization of three or more employees.

Under the new rule employers would be required to report:

  1. Any fatality
  2. Any accident that required the hospitalization of even one employee
  3. Any amputation

The first two accidents listed would have to be reported within 8 hours, the final one, amputation, would have to be reported within 24 hours.

The proposed changes are designed to provide OSHA with better and more complete information with no significant increase in cost. OSHA further believes that these changes will allow OSHA inspectors to target more effectively workplaces that need to make changes to insure the safety of their employees.


Additionally, OSHA is proposing a change in the list of industries which are at least partially exempt from injury tracking and recording. Under the present rule "employers with 10 or fewer employees are partially exempt from keeping OSHA injury and illness records." Also partially exempt are "establishments in certain lower-hazard industry classification". The new rule would eliminate quite of few of the industries and business that are presently partially exempt.

For a complete list of all the establishments that would be newly required to keep records, as well as the complete text of the new OSHA proposal go to: