The Risks of Buying Used Fall Protection Equipment

From our friends at Guardian Fall Protection…

With the successful completion of OSHA’s Stand Down for Safety event last week, I’m sure there will be a lot more people in the market for fall protection gear. If you are, it might cross your mind to take a look through the local classifieds to see if you can find a good deal on some “slightly used but not abused” gear, such as harnesses, lanyards, or maybe even an SRL. Good idea? After all, if the gear looks good and seems to work, it should be just fine, right? Not so fast.

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Let’s say you find a harness. It looks good, doesn’t have any frayed or cut webbing, and, by golly, the impact indicator is still intact. Best of all, the guy is selling it for half of the original price, not bad! But before you go laying out… read more

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Annual “Stand-Down” Week is May 2-6


Once again, it’s time for the annual “Stand -Down” week who’s purpose is to raise awareness of one of the most fatal dangers facing the construction industry, falls from heights.

Falls from heights continues to be one of the top ten cited OSHA standards and these deaths and injuries are preventable. This annual Stand-Down emphasizes awareness and education.

For more information on how to implement the Stand-Down for your company go the the Stand-Down OSHA page. Besides answering any question you might have, there are also all kinds of posters, flyers, certificates, videos and much more that you can use to make your “Stand-Down” week successful.

Order Copies of “Thinking About Fall Protection” Today!

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Looking for a good fall protection video?

Want to do a little training on fall protection for your next safety meeting? Don’t hand out yet another flyer that your employees aren’t going to read, turn instead to Youtube. Turn, most specifically to “The Basics of Fall Protection” by Miller Fall Protection.


The above video lasts almost 14 minutes and it’s actually part 1 of 2

The second part is located at and it’s almost 14 minutes as well, giving you almost a half hour of quality video contact that your employees are sure to remember.


What happens after the fall?

You’ve got a bunch of workers in harnesses to protect them in the case of a fall because they are working from heights. That’s great! Got trained them on how to don the harness, where to tie off and all the other basics of your fall protection program. Awesome! You’re familiar with the ABCs of fall protection (Anchor, Body harness, Connector) and you’ve got a written fall protection program. All very good!

Stop a minute though and consider what happens when one of those workers does take a fall. The emergency isn’t over just because everything functioned as it should and the worker is alive and well and didn’t hit the ground. In fact, some would argue, the emergency has just begun.

Probably the single biggest flaw we consistently find in a companies’ fall protection program is the lack of an emergency rescue plan. When asked “What now?” about what will happen after the fall takes place, the most common answer we here is “We’ll call 911!”. Problem is that’s not an acceptable emergency rescue plan, firstly because OSHA mandates that you have more to it than that, and secondly because 911 personnel simply isn’t trained to do emergency fall protection rescue and finally, because every second after the fall counts.

If you don’t have an emergency rescue plan in place, here’s a great place to start:


This 41 minute video will walk you through every aspect of the emergency rescue plan that you need to have in place. (click on the image above or go to

Fall Protection Training Videos by Capital Safety

It’s here! The brand new “Thinking About Fall Protection” video!

Thinking About Fall Protection introduces you to all aspects of fall protection and industry safety require-ments. You’ll have the confidence of being provided with fall protection knowledge ranging from compliant to expert solutions.
This 30 minute video is broken down into 11 chapters, listed below. You can view these segments in a number of ways. They are available on the Capital Safety YouTube Channel but they can also be downloaded and saved to your computer by clicking on the DOWNLOAD links below. Choose from Windows Media or an iPod/iPad optimized MP4. NOTE: The MP4 Download link will prompt you to download a .zip file.

Download Link Here!

ShockFusion Horizontal Lifeline Selection Guide

Need a rooftop safety lifeline system but not sure what’ll work best for your own particular application?

Miller’s ShockFusion online selection guide is the answer. Simply put it walks you through the different variables:

  1. Roof Type
  2. Attachment kit
  3. System Length
  4. Connecting Device
  5. # of Workers and Span
  6. Connecting Device Length
  7. Fall Clearance

and the app will create a detailed list that you can download to submit for approval. It will also give you the part number of the complete kit.


In addition, it will create a diagram to show you exactly how to install the system (like the one below).


Take it for a spin yourself at


Miller Fall Protection Fall Clearance Calculator

We’ve talked before on this blog about the “fall clearance” issue. Essentially fall clearance has to do with the distance you need to account for when taking a fall in order not to hit the ground. What this means is that if you are 6 foot tall, wearing a 6 foot lanyard, accounting for stretch and other factors, you will need to have 18 feet off fall clearance as illustrated below.


Because factors vary (You might be using a self-retracting lifeline or an 8 foot lanyard, for example) each application should be looked at separately and the fall clearance calculated for each instance. Fortunately, Miller Fall Protection has a fall clearance calculator that you can use to determine your fall clearance. Just type in your variables and it’ll give you your fall clearance, illustrated as in the above image.

Great little tool to keep everyone safe!