ASSE to Become the ASSP

The ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) is one of the oldest safety associations in America but it’s about to get a rebirth. The ASSE house of delegates recently voted in favor of changing their name to the ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals).

The reason for this change is simply that, when the association was founded in 1911 all members were engineers. Today, however, the association members make up a wide variety of professions and disciplines. Engineers only make up 3% of the association.

The vote now goes to ASSE members who have 45 days to get their vote in meaning that we’ll have the final tally sometime in mid August.

It is unclear ¬†whether the green and gold logo will remain the same with the “E” simply changing to a “P” as is reported in some instances or changed as seems to be advocated on the new microsite¬†