The Call

This morning, I got a phone call; a phone call from an old friend of mine. He called to ask for 3 more AEDs. The reason the phone call was so special, however, is because three years ago I had sold him an AED. That AED saved a man’s life on one of their job sites. The man went down and they had the AED on hand and were able to save him.

That’s the call we like to get because all too often the call we get about purchasing one of more AEDs looks more like this: “I need an AED because someone on our job site collapsed and we didn’t have one on hand to save his life. By the time the paramedics got there it was too late.”

If you don’t have an AED on hand, you’re most likely going to be the kind of call we don’t like to get.


Learn more about the Zoll AED and why you need one on your jobsite.

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