Marijuana Workers Safety

The fact that more and more states have started legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes means that more and more people are working with marijuana on a daily basis. The problem is that the industry has grown so fast that safety measures and standards haven’t been able to keep up. Colorado, being the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, has had more time than anyone else to put something together to aid with marijuana workers right and safety. They have just published a “Marijuana occupational safety and health” section on their website and it’s fairly comprehensive.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

400 Tool box Talks

I get asked, on a regular basis, for Tool Box Talks (TBT). Tool box talks, if you don’t know are short talks and handouts for weekly or monthly safety meetings. Tool box talks are, by far, the term that is searched for on this blog.

When I come across a site that has tool box talks therefore, I try to make sure I share the information with my readers.

With that in mind, head over to for up to 400 downloadable tool box talks.

That ought to keep you going for a while!