Infants Dying in Car Seats

Are you leaving your infant in their car seat because they are asleep and you’ve arrived at your location? If they are still properly strapped in, that’s okay but if you’re in the habit of unbuckling them they are in danger of death by positional asphyxiation.


Positional asphyxiation occurs in infants who don’t have the neck strength to lift their head. If they aren’t properly trapped in they can slump forward and their head can fall on their chest and, because they don’t have strength in their neck muscles they can’t lift their head enough to open up their airways in order to breathe.

Read about one such death and the efforts of Shepard Dodd’s parents to spread the word in order to save the lives of other infants. Better yet, spread the word. In simply talking about this post here at work several women admitted that they have let their infant who wasn’t strapped in sleep in a car seat in the past. My guess is that most parents have no idea.