A Personal Note…

I work in the area of safety, mostly industrial safety but also personal and home safety. Part of my job, especially through this blog is to raise awareness of safety issues in order to educate people about how to protect themselves and those they love. I would like to believe that I am making a difference. This blog does, after all get about 500 views each day.

Right now I have two friends who are severely injured, both because they did not heed safety warnings and take precautions.

One is a friend who worked in residential construction; his name is Will. Two months ago he was working on a roof that collapsed under his weight. He slammed into a concrete slab below and cracked his head. He has been in a coma ever since. His wife and three girls send news almost daily, asking for prayers. We still pray for a full recovery but the longer he goes without waking up the bleaker the prognosis is. He was not wearing any fall protection at the time of the accident.

The other person is a nephew on my wife’s side; his name is James. He was climbing a ladder a few days ago when one of the ladder rungs broke. He dropped several feet to the concrete below landing on his heels. Both heels are broken and he will spend the next three months in a wheel chair. Rehabilitation after that will mean that he will be off work a lot longer. A simple ladder inspection could have prevented this accident.

Both of these accidents could easily have been prevented. I am sure that both of these friends didn’t take precautions because they didn’t believe that something like this could ever happen to them. The sad truth is that it did. The sad truth is that it can happen to you as well. Safety precautions aren’t there to make your life difficult. They aren’t there to slow you down on the job. They are there to protect you and help you get home at the end of the day.

Please understand that you are not invulnerable and immortal. Wear the fall protection, do the inspection, wear the PPE, do the safety checklist. If not for you then for the ones who love you. They don’t deserve to have to go through what my friend Will’s family has to go through, staying late at the hospital every day, praying for him to wake up so that they can tell him they love him and hear him tell them the same.

That’s all. Thanks.


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