Longer Work Hours = Higher Heart Disease Risk

A new study, published by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has concluded what many of us already suspected, namely that working long hours (defined at 46+ hours a week) results in an increase in cardiovascular disease risk.

Interestingly enough the study also found that the risk is lowest for workers working between 40-45 meaning that working less than 40 hours a week isn’t necessarily any better for you. Workers who worked 30 + hours saw a slight increase until they reached 40 hours after which the risk decreased until 40 after which it decreased until it started to rise again till 45.

The study involved 1,900 participants over the course of 10 years and concluded that every hour over 45 hours a week resulted in an addition 1% increase in risk.

Conclusion? Giving your boss more than 46 hours a week could actually cost you years, not just hours.

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