In preparing to write this post I happened to mention to a co-worker that half of all fatalities in traffic accidents were due to seat belts not being worn. My co-worker responded with “Who doesn’t wear a seat belt nowadays? Everyone wears them!”. Another co-worker overheard our conversation and admitted that she, in fact, never wore one.

Truth is that, whether we see it or not, there as still a lot of people out there gambling with their life (as well as the lives of the passengers in the car with them) and odd are good that you’ve got an employee who doesn’t wear a seat belt.

2seconds2Click is a campaign that is trying to reduce the number of people on the roads who aren’t clicking up when they get in their vehicle.

Check out their website and make use of the many resources that they have available. They have free downloads to use before you launch the campaign, resources to launch the campaign and material to use during the 6-week campaign.